How was your sex ed experience?

How was your sex ed experience?

hem hem
How was sex education experience? Were you exposed to informative sex education? Did you experience only abstinence-centered education? Were you taught about non-heterosexual sex?
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Mwar Mwar
My junior high school had abstinence plus sex ed, but my high school had uber comprehensive sex ed. Non-hetero sex wasn't specifically brought up, however, hetero sex wasn't emphasized either. It was just ways to protect yourself.

We also got to throw diaphragms across the room.
kolink kolink
The closest thing to sex ed I experienced was an HIV/AIDS education class in 7th grade. They told us condoms prevented one from contracting HIV but then proceeded to say that we should be abstinate until married. We were not informed about other STD's, condoms, sex in general or anything else.
neil i. neil i.
I don't recall it being particularly great, although by comparison it was probably more comprehensive than today's students receive in class.

As I recall, the curriculum was more based in science than in social experience. Probably designed to make sex less a part of our lives than it already was. In doing this, though, I think that made the info seem less real and less likely to be put into practice.

I'd say the level of information was standard, although there was a decidedly heteronormative bent, but that could be more from the demographics and attitudes of the students in class.
pixylove101 pixylove101
the real details in sex ed came after I had sex
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
Haha, "Sex Ed, What's that?" Our sexual education in elementary school was awkward and... More awkward. Basically, we watched our school nurse shove her fingers into a fake plastic vagina and explain how ovaries worked. We might have talked about STDs in Health class in middle school, but mostly we just got told by our angry masculine gym teacher why smoking was bad.

Honestly, most of what I learned, I learned on my own.
goo goo
I was exposed to both abstinence only and informative sex education. I can tell you that in the abstinence only class, with all guys wanting to have sex no matter what, informative ed would have been better for them. However, regardless the guys ended up learning more about informative ed elsewhere. I was taught quite a bit about non-heterosexual sex as well. All in all, many of the sex myths I learned were debunked in those classes so I think I got something out of them.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Extremely vague - it was a notch below the "army hygiene films" in relation to STD awareness, but rather vague on the mechanics. It was pretty much implied that straight sex was the only sex to worry about. Although I will never forget the no-nonsense biology teacher in her white hair and white lab coat pulling a condom down on two fingers and commenting "Remember - no glove, no love". I wonder how many thought they had to put the condom on their fingers ...

Frankly, between my RN mother's dry talk and the school sex ed thing, I wondered how the hell pregnancy accidents could occur because sex sounded so damn dry and clinical ... None of them explained that the feelings I had were normal and were related to it. I wish they covered the psychological bits, too.
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