Were you ever told about sex toys as a child?

Were you ever told about sex toys as a child?

calliope calliope
Yeah I guess I was a little bit. I found my moms vibrator to. I was exposed to sex at a very young age.
mistressg mistressg
My parents most certainly didn't. That would never have happened, and if they had they would have put a very negative spin on it.
jmex83 jmex83
Originally posted by Megan Jean
If no, when did you first learn about them?
actually, i never really dabbled in this stuff until my wife came along. i knew OF them, but didn't know the certain ins and outs, what everything was used for and some of the crazy stuff that is out there until she came along!
lustylusty lustylusty
yeah I didnt learn about them until like 16-17..
Sex Positivity Sex Positivity
I learned when I found my mom's Hitatchi Magic Wand.
TexasBrat TexasBrat
Originally posted by Megan Jean
If no, when did you first learn about them?
No, my parents never ever spoke to me about sex at all.

One of my boyfriend's took me to Spencer's gifts, and I got to see them there first, then we bought one, and, well, he created a monster....LMAO!!!
TransMarc TransMarc
I just knew these existed. Don't know since when, but I knew before I was 10.
Probably from TV.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
No but we had the internet
wildorchid wildorchid
Probably depends on what you count as being a child, but I was in University before I was really exposed to it. My first thought was "Of course! That sounds like a very practical invention!"
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
From TV when I was about 12. There was this late night sex show where people called in and aske questions, and she'd have these sex toy demonstrations. Mainly pocket rockets and finger vibes which even at the time I knew were crappy, so I was never interested in sex toys till I was 18.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I wasn't
Amber1w Amber1w
no body ever told me bout them, i saw my first vibrator in my parents room and i was freaked out, lol i didnt really know what it was i was only like 10 when i seen it
SaraW0512 SaraW0512
A girl on tv was talking about a vibrator, I didnt know what it was so I looked it up on the internet. Found some pretty interesting things also! LOL
Iron Man Iron Man
The interneeeeettt. I also discovered various objects could be inserted into various places... yep. I was an explorer.
CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
Never heard of them as a kid. Not even sure when I first heard about them to be honest. But now I want to know everything about them
No never knew about sex toys as a child. Quite honestly I don't remember when I knew about sex toys, probably high school.
starryeyedangel starryeyedangel
They were explained to me by my mother when I was thirteen or fourteen.
C-Rae C-Rae
I just kinda found out about sex toys somehow.. LOL Don't really remember though
xilliannax xilliannax
Originally posted by Megan Jean
If no, when did you first learn about them?
I learned about them in high school, when one of my friends brought one to school
roskat roskat
Nope, definitely not in my family.
sweetpea12 sweetpea12
Originally posted by Megan Jean
If no, when did you first learn about them?
I was probably twelve or eleven when people were making jokes about dildos.
Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
sexydelphia sexydelphia
learned on my own
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
my mom wanted to avoid the subject so much that In the 5th grade we took a 2 week vacation to Disney world while the rest of my class mates learned about the birds and the bees. When I stated my period in middle school I thought I was bleeding to death I didn't tell anyone bc I didn't want to bother people.

my mom was raised very Pentecostal attended church every other day and all day on Sunday (they beaked for lunch and returned)
my father the same his step father was a pastor of a extremist church.
I was not raised with any faith but i think my mom still has alot of lingering oddities that were caused by her upbringing

I hope I do a better job for my future offspring...

oppps... I didnt see the toys in the question....
Nah I learned about sex toys on my own prob when i was a teen but never touched one untill about a month ago... I didnt want my partner to think i was odd in the past. I finally feel comfortable with a boy to bring toys into our life.... thanks eden
RosesThorns RosesThorns
No I didn't really hear about sex toys as a kid.
heather-mooney heather-mooney
it just never happened!
Experiment Experiment
One time I sat on a foot massager when I was like 7 because it made my butt go numb. My mom walked into the room and freaked out.

It wasn't until I was like 13 or so that I figured out why.
PurpleCat23 PurpleCat23
I actually found one by accident while staying at at friend of the family's house. My mom explained what it was.
cutiefairyprincess cutiefairyprincess
I think i learnt about them from tv. But it never really occured to me that i could use them till I was like 16
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