Advice for a Man Struggling to Please His Soulmate

Advice for a Man Struggling to Please His Soulmate

edlanken edlanken
Hello all, this is my first post it is kind of embarrassing and I apologize if it is too long.
I am an older man who doesn't have a lot of sexual experience. I recently met a wonderful woman and we have started to be sexually active, however she is already fairly experienced and really knows what she likes. So, I have been doing my homework on how best to please her, and have come to the understanding that the most important things are emotional connection, communication, and a willingness to please.
However, while communicating with her she revealed that her favorite sex is having her g-spot stimulated during intercourse - I have done this with my fingers but she has admitted to me that she likes it best with actual sex. This has caused me a lot of anxiety because all of the research I have done (anatomy, personal anecdotes, etc.) seems to say that effectively stimulating this spot during "normal" missionary intercourse requires a curved penis or toy, but mine is straight and around average size. Now I know from my homework there are other positions to stimulate this spot with a straight penis. However, it seems all of these positions either:

A) are too physically strenuous for us to perform (we are both elderly)
B) lack the intimacy we both really like (looking at each other's eyes, kissing, etc.)

So, I guess my question is are there any positions that would allow an older couple with limited capabilities and a straight penis to make love intimately and stimulate the woman's g-spot at the same time? Again I am sorry for the long post and if it makes anyone uncomfortable, but any help would be much appreciated.


PS: we would preferably like to make love naturally without many bells and whistles such as swings and liberator pads
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Vegan Silk Vegan Silk
Have you tried a liberator pad or are do you just not like the idea of them? I've not tried them, but they sound like they would be really helpful. to get the g-spot in missionary you need to elevate the hips some how.
Mr. E Mr. E
I highly recommend the he Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo. It has proven to be one of our favorite purchases ever.
Kindred Kindred
You don't need a Liberator pillow, although they are very nice. Simply place a pillow under the small of her back when in missionary. What you are looking to accomplish is to tilt the angle of her pelvis slightly upward, so you may have to play around with different sized pillows until you find one that works well. This also allows for very deep penetration. As with all things, she will need to communicate to you if the positioning feels correct for her. Good luck and welcome to EF!
Jul!a Jul!a
I do like the Liberator Wedge, however if that's not something you're interested in trying, a regular pillow propped under her hips in missionary should also provide enough lift to tilt her vaginal canal and allow for easier G-spot stimulation for a straight penis. Pretty much anything that will elevate her hips will work in a similar fashion and shouldn't affect the ability to look into each other's eyes and kiss.
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