Did I have a g-spot orgasm..FINALLY?

Did I have a g-spot orgasm..FINALLY?

bayosgirl bayosgirl
So the other day while we were playing my husband used my Amethyst (a curved glass dildo meant for stimulating the g-spot) on me while I rubbed my clit. The orgasm I had was super powerful and I could feel my vaginal walls contracting harder than usual. When I opened my eyes I saw his face light up. He said I had gushed an insane amount of liquid when I came-clear, watery, not like normal lubrication at all. This sounds consistent with what I've read about g-spot orgasms. What do you guys think? Did I have one?

P.S. I have to say the best part was seeing his enjoyment over pleasuring me, and saying he wanted to use the Amethyst more frequently.
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SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
It's honestly very hard to tell if there was clitoral stimulation as well, IMO. Esp. when it's someone else who's had the orgasm on top of that. I would know from the feeling. A G-Spot orgasm is deeper & more diffused. Both at the same time would be like a fireworks show of madness from all the sensations.

I keep the clitoral & G-spot orgasms separate 99% of the time just because it gives me that assurance that I've had a G-spot orgasm when I've had one.
AvianMinded AvianMinded
I've squirted from just a clitoral orgasm before, so I can't really determine if you've had a g-spot orgasm. I've never had one myself, though. I can sort of feel the build up to it, but it just takes me so long to get up there.

I agree that you should try to keep them separate, at least once, so that you can tell the difference.
P'Gell P'Gell
It sounds like it to me!

My body doesn't care for G Spot Os alone. I don't get relief. So, I always use my clit and get blended Os.

It makes no difference to me what kind of orgasm I have, just so it's good. But, I find blended G and clit orgasms the best.

Keep on having a good time!
js250 js250
It sounds like you had the build up of a G-spot, but the end result was a squirting clitoral orgasm. I have found that the two are not very easy to have at the same time, the G-spot or clitoris seems to shut down on me when the other spot is stimulated. My G-spot orgasms are very internal, deep and sudden. They also leave me wanting a more concrete orgasm such as a clitoral at the very end. They are fun, feel wonderful, but not as satisfying and complete as a clitoral orgasm. (Squirting is pretty awesome feeling, huh? I love it and my husband absolutely gets off on watching me!!)
Pixel Pixel
Yay for you! That totally sounds like a g-spot orgasm. The Amethyst makes me gust insane amounts as well.
Taylor Taylor
It sounds to me like it was one. But the good thing is that even if it wasn't one, you still had a terrific orgasm
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