Mood Seductive Vs. Harmonia

Mood Seductive Vs. Harmonia

RedGlitter RedGlitter 01/20/2013

I recently bought a glass G-spot toy, and now I'm pondering whether to get a G-spot vibe!

I like both toys here, and they were featured in the "G-spot for beginners" section, I would like to know what your thoughts are on these two toys...
Do you have one?
How was the experience?

I have used my glass one and I must admit, it felt pretty good, so I think I'll keep up the whole G-spot thing! :D
Thank you in advance! :)

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RedGlitter RedGlitter
I haven't tried a G-spot toy with my man, yet, but I plan on it...So, which toy is best, for solo play AND for playing together?
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RedGlitter RedGlitter
I TRIED to make it a polling question, but I'll tally up the posts--Thank you!
(I'm still trying to learn about how to post threads--I Guess! )
Total posts: 2
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