So.. I think I squirted.. But..?

Contributor: Intertwining Intertwining
Hi everyone!

While going through the forum, I came here to the G-Spot Grotto, and discovered lots of threads on squirting, which brought up a memory from about a year ago.

I was in the shower with my curved glass dildo (similar to the lucid heart but smaller) that perfectly hits my g-spot.. And all of a sudden I had a strong need-to-pee urge as the dildo's tip pressed against my g-spot. I thrust the dildo in and out in small, fast motions, and allowed myself to "let go" of the need to control that feeling, and all of a sudden, with each thrust, I started squirting a small amount of liquid.

Roughly knowing what squirting was, I was excited to be one of the lucky few women who are able to squirt. "Oh my god, this is going to turn my boyfriend on SO much," I giggled to myself, dipping a finger into a little puddle on my leg and tentatively tasting it.

It tasted like pee. At first as I JUST tasted it, just tasted salty, but there was a strong aftertaste of pee.

Ugh. Since then, I never tried doing that ever again.

What do you guys think?
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Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
Congratulations! I say that counts. It felt really good, right? You felt a little warmer and your head tingled? (Maybe that's just my response.)

You'll find lots of women here who will say that female ejaculate isn't pee, but my theory is that the fluid does come from the bladder. There is also fluid in it that comes from the female prostate. The research on this isn't conclusive. We need more research on this subject! I found an article once that mentioned a chemical that comes from the female prostate that decolorizes female ejaculate. I so wish I had bookmarked that article. I haven't been able to find it again.

Sometimes mine is disturbingly pee-like and other times its almost colorless and smells either like nothing or like sugar. Its most likely to be colorless/sugary if I'm well hydrated and have just peed first. So maybe there's a higher percentage of liquid from the female prostate when the bladder is empty. But I still think some liquid comes from the bladder, even then.

I could talk about this endlessly to anyone who will sit still long enough. I'll stop here.
Contributor: PussyGalore PussyGalore
As Tuesday mentioned, the fluid does come from the bladder and there really isn't enough conclusive evidence to say there isn't a small amount of urine in the mixture.

All I can say is it's probably one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life. There are proper ways to explore and experience this type of orgasm without ruining clothing, furniture or beds. Sportsheets makes a great line of products for squirters (and for play with oils and paints). Showers/tub play is perfect for this. If you can't or simply don't want to invest in a covering of some kind, a couple of really thick cotton towels placed beneath you will help.
And I think for around $20 or so you can pick up a mattress cover from your local box store that will also help with any sanitary concerns.

Don't shy away from it. I promise it's worth it!
Contributor: Intertwining Intertwining
Thanks Tuesday and Audra for the advice!

I actually didn't orgasm when I squirted, but it DID feel pretty good, yes. But afterwards for half the day, I had the niggling sensation of needing to pee (the feeling was a little similar to having a UTI). Is this normal?
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
Originally posted by Intertwining
Thanks Tuesday and Audra for the advice!

I actually didn't orgasm when I squirted, but it DID feel pretty good, yes. But afterwards for half the day, I had the niggling sensation of needing to pee (the feeling was a little similar to ... more
Actually there is sometimes an element of feeling a bit like a UTI for me too - the slight itchiness of the urethra. I think this is because you're massaging your urethra along with your G-spot.

I think a G-spot orgasm is within your grasp. I encourage you to keep trying.
Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I had that experience on two different occasions. One when I found my gspot the first time, the other with my Fairy wand. I too felt the need to pee urge. And, like you, I thought it was pee, since I thought I smelled pee from my mysterious liquid, but I do believe now that it was squirting Congrats!
Contributor: Intertwining Intertwining
Ah, so I guess it's normal! I generally find that heavy g-spot play (trying to squirt is probably the worst of the lot) leads to that similar-to-a-UTI feeling- must be unfortunate for girls that can only orgasm from g-spot simulation! I'm more of a clit-stimulation type myself.

I'll make sure I empty my bladder next time before attempting to squirt! I don't think I'll be trying it in front of my boyfriend anytime soon, though

Thanks so much for the advice, everyone. Gosh, I love EF
Contributor: Orion Orion
Well my wife squirts a lot and have ingested much of it and never has it tasted like pee nor looked like pee. Pretty much 0 smell and light sweet taste.