Bisexual chic

Bisexual chic

carenautilus carenautilus
Mainly directed at women, but all other genders are invited to post too: How do you feel about the portrayal of bisexual women as "hot"? What do you think about the idea of women pretending to be bi for attention?

Me, I really don't like the current, "OMG! Bi girls!" fad. It feels disrespectful. But what do you guys think?
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Peggi Peggi
When I was in high school I knew a lot of the girls who pretended to be bi because it was the "cool" thing to do and it bothered me a lot because I am actually bisexual, and those of us who have to go through feeling left out or discriminated against really suffer and then all of a sudden it becomes popular? It really irritated me for a good while, but now, I just laugh at how silly they are.

As for the way it is shown on TV, I think that everything is portrayed differently than it is IRL.
Ghost Ghost
I don't watch TV, I don't hang out with attention whores, and I don't really see that kind of behavior. If I do, I just ignore them. Who cares? Everyone gets offended when someone tried to pass for what they may not be, but I try not to.
K101 K101
OMG! How cool! Sorry, I just thought this was an awesome thread because I was beginning to think this whole fake bi thing ONLY happened in my area. I am totally with you!

I had a couple of girlfriends in high school (I'm straight, I just mean actual close friends that are females) that would practically force themselves on me and our other female friends to get men's attention. There was one girl in particular who was extremely bad about it. She was very agressive about it too. She's VERY into men and will do anything/anyone (to be blunt) to get their attention. I've started to keep my distance the past few yrs because it was so bad. She would force her hands up our skirts, lift our dresses and smack our booties in front of guys just for attention & we DIDN'T WANT OUR BOOTIES SHOWN OR SMACKED. She lost a lot of close friends because she just wouldn't stop and it got to the point where we all felt violated!

Then I became serious with my current partner 5 years ago and all of our friends and myself were growing up and she was still the same. My partner couldn't stand to be around her because she was constantly telling him she wanted to F me and just all over me all the time and then I learned that a lot of men were actually running from this type of agressive thing rather than being attracted to it. I've heard most men say it was distasteful and trashy that she would pretend to be bi and go to such extremes when all of us girls clearly didn't want her dry humping us. So really, I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be and I don't think it attracts male attention in the way these pretend gays are hoping for. In fact, even the females who were real lesbians in our little circle didn't like that some girls would fake gay. They kind of felt it was a slap in the face and rude and I can understand that.

Anyways, my partner and I can't stand to be around someone like that. If you have to pretend to be gay for attention, somethings wrong and why not be who you are and leave the gay to the real gays? Lol. I think it's kind of rude to pretend to be gay when you aren't and it turned into a big trend in our area, but thankfully has died down since I was in high school.
CutiePatootie CutiePatootie
I think it's ok to think it's hot as long as you're not faking it as Kendra posted above. That's annoying.

I hung out with a group in college that there were 2 girls who would make out with each other for attention. It was really annoying to me because, being bi (and not really addressing it at the time), I didn't want to get lumped in with them and my guy friends who encouraged them to act this way and had an inkling that I liked girls would try to encourage me to jump in. I wasn't even attracted to them, nor was I "easy" even though I was a flirt and liked to be the life of the party, I avoided that.

I think that acting like that makes guys think that they have a chance at a threesome even with fake-bi girls so guys that are into that seek it out.

My husband wasn't seeking that out when he met me, and we have the occasional threesome or even a girlfriend due to my bisexuality and his flexibility in our relationship, but I never acted like that, and even if I hit on a girl at a bar now, I do it respectfully and I mean it.
freshbananas freshbananas
Originally posted by carenautilus
Mainly directed at women, but all other genders are invited to post too: How do you feel about the portrayal of bisexual women as "hot"? What do you think about the idea of women pretending to be bi for attention?

Me, I really ...
NavyDoll87 NavyDoll87
I don't get why some women would pretend to be bisexual. It's pretty stupid. I came out as bisexual this past year (after keeping it a secret for so long thanks to an ex boyfriend who told me I was too young to know what I was feeling...thanks, ass)

Anywho, it drives me crazy to hear someone is doing it for attention. I can only imagine that is why some people still do not believe that I am bisexual because I am married to a man and have never hit on them. Um....not every woman is my type and I don't put my sexual business out there for EVERYONE to know...unless it's on EF.
Tripod95 Tripod95
Originally posted by carenautilus
Mainly directed at women, but all other genders are invited to post too: How do you feel about the portrayal of bisexual women as "hot"? What do you think about the idea of women pretending to be bi for attention?

Me, I really ...
Well I do find bisexual women to be better partners, but I am a bisexual male and I also find bisexual males to be better partners, thus I think that I'm more just attracted to somebody with an open mind, it doesn't always have to be about who they are willing to fuck.
LilLostLenore LilLostLenore
I say be who the fuck you are dont pretend to be something. Im bi and proud of it ive had relations with both male and females. my current relationship is with a male and ive been with him for almost five years now.
Sally Forth Sally Forth
I find it annoying as hell. I often don't tell people I date that I'm bisexual until I know them quite well because otherwise the first thing out of a man's mouth is apt to be "dude, got any girlfriends who wanna come play?" as if bisexual is code for "likes to do it with women in front of men for the men's amusement". Fellas, I assure you that it's not, at least not for this bisexual!
Conversely, the first thing out of a woman's mouth is often "I don't date bi chicks". I admit, I've said it myself... to a lady (if one could call her that) who I saw making out with a girl at a party in front of a bunch of guys who then proceeded to tell me she was "like, wicked bi" when she asked for my number. Ugh. Honestly, those people give bisexuals a bad name.
cryinglightning86 cryinglightning86
I'm not a fan. It's natural to want to experiment, and plenty of straight women experiment as well. When I realized it might be a bad thing was when I found how many straight girls didn't seem to think that fooling around with their queer friend "counted" as sex. I had one very unlucky lesbian friend that had this happen to her over and over in high school, and as a result of getting her heart crushed by so many "bisexual" girls (or, more accurately, curious straight girls), she finally made the statement that she couldn't stand bisexual girls.

At the time, I was coming to terms with being attracted to more than just men, and I felt really bad for her. I also felt like my sexuality was being trivialized on the whole: since I have shown that I like men, I've been told by several people (my father included) that my sexuality is "just a phase." You know, even though I've had feelings for girls as long as I have for guys.
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