First same sex experience

First same sex experience

PDXlady PDXlady
So last night I had my first real kiss with another girl and it was awesome! How about everyone else? When did you have your first experience with a person of the same sex? Was it crazy awesome? was your first sexual experience with a member of the same or opposite sex?
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thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
Though my first sexual experiences were with a straight guy, when I got involved with a girl it was, as you put it, crazy awesome. I was nineteen. We actually had sex before we kissed because she had some boundaries around kissing, but she became comfier with it quickly.
K101 K101
Honestly, the very first time I kissed a girl--with tongues--was when I was a kid. Around 7 I believe! We didn't know it was bad, and I had actually never known you could put your tongue in someones mouth, but my best female friend did and decided we should do it. We were so proud of ourselves that she thought her mom should see this new found talent! OMG! Her mom flipped! We truly didn't know kissing was an intimate thing though. LOL.

Now, my first experience with someone of the same sex, knowingly, was in the third grade. It was another best friend of mine and.. Gosh! We should NOT have known these things in the freaking third grade. LOL. I am not proud of us doing the things we did together though. It's something I'm ashamed of actually. Lol. We quit "experimenting&qu ot; when we became teenagers and realized we shouldn't be doing such serious things. Kissing was fine, other things--not so much. So we ended our experiments there.

I didn't have any more of these encounters until about 14 me and my female friends would do "dares" when we partied. It was common though, the entire group of girls I was close with would do things together, but none of my encounters were ever romantic. Just experimenting. None of us--well except for one--actually had any romantic interest in others of the same sex. I guess we just thought it was fun? Practice? Lol. I think it was just easier to do these things being that we were all girls instead of boys since that was such a scary thing. LOL. We didn't have to worry about judgement from other girls really.

Highschool is when it totally stopped. I never had any more of these little experiments with my girlfriends after highschool. And I am straight, but I think it's common to experiment, especially when you have such a tight-knit, close group of friends. Of the same sex. Ha Ha. I wouldn't do things with someone of the same sex now, and I don't consider myself lesbian. The partner I've been with for the past 6 years is male and I don't have any intentions of that changing. So my experiences weren't romantic, but they happened. That's all. So I guess I cannot share your feelings since I've never really had romantic feelings for another female. I have had a female who had feelings for me, but the it just wasn't mutual.

I can see how this would be exciting though!

My first experience with the opposite sex, I'm happy to say was MUCH later than my experience with the same sex. Not terribly late though. Lol. The first time I'd ever kissed a boy was when I was about 13. It was only a spin the bottle thing at a party though, so it doesn't completely count. My first kiss with a boy that didn't come about only over a game was not long after. Maybe the next year? Same year. Can't quite remember, but it was close. Then kissing seemed like the best thing in the world. LOL.

The first time I went further than kissing with a male... well, I was way too young then too. Lol. I was 13. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid teenage me! Lol.
Sangsara Sangsara
man i want to post like you did above and mention something at 3 then something at 8 then again at 14 but last time i did that i got kicked off the forums for vilating the rules of conduct
hjtee hjtee
My first 'real' female experience was when I was 15. We weren't dating, but we had strong feelings for each other. Years passed and we got together, lived together and were engaged, but (gladly) she's not the one I ended up with permanently.
chernayavdova chernayavdova
First off, congratulations on your first experience!

I was very lucky to have a best friend who was in the same boat as me in high school. It was actually her second interaction with a same sex partner, though her first kiss with another girl had been a single kiss about which the other girl flipped out immediately after it happened (though it had been consensual up until that point). I'm really not sure what got us talking about it, but we were chatting on AIM one night and she said that she really wanted to kiss me and I was pretty psyched about it.

This was about junior year in high school. One night, she sleeps over and we've mutually agreed that we'd try kissing and some fooling around that night. For whatever reason, we didn't kiss until the wee hours of the morning. I was really nervous/excited and shaking, so she got a bit worried but I was fine just probably had too much adrenalin pumping through my veins or something. The kiss was a little awkward on my end since it was probably my third kiss ever at that point. I relaxed a little bit and we kept kissing. Then, she kissed my neck a bit and moved up to my ear and - this is still one of the hottest things ever - ran her tongue along the edge of my ear and breathed into it. We continued to make out and got each other's clothes off so we could get our hands on each other. I also remember that she said that was really turned on by how wet I was. I didn't actually come with her, but I still had a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better first time.

We've kept this up for about ten years now and have gotten a bit more advanced with our play since then. All the compliments I've received on my kissing technique I owe to her. Unfortunately, now I live three hours away so we don't see each other as much. We were texting last night about trying out some of the new stuff I've acquired since she was here last Christmas. I can't wait. I'm really hoping she can make it up for the local Halloween fetish ball next month.
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