How do I....

How do I....

BiLovelyLove BiLovelyLove
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I've told most of my friends I'm bi but I'm not sure how to tell my religious friends or parents. Help me?
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Peggi Peggi
Originally posted by BiLovelyLove
I've told most of my friends I'm bi but I'm not sure how to tell my religious friends or parents. Help me?
For everyone, it's different. Everyone in my life (aside from those who might tell my parents) know that I'm bi, I'm not sure I'll ever tell mine for the same reason, they are extremely homophobic. In my case, I'd fear putting their health at risk (they are older) but I think that there are two ways to go about it.

Either come right out with it, or drop hints and see if you can either feel them out to see if they may be open to accepting it or changing their minds on the issue, or at least asking about it so that you can tell them.
KC Kitten KC Kitten
Maybe start by introducing them to new things, like, drop the hints and all, see if they'll attend events for pride or support and see if you can get anything out of them that way! That's what I did to my dad
Chaotic Rantings Chaotic Rantings
That's what I did when I came out to my family and friends. I just started with subtle hints here and watched for reactions. I told those I only felt comfortable with. Nowadays, I hide it from no one. I have been bi since my early 20s, it's who I am and I don't really care what others think.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Why do they have to know? Are they pressuring you? Cuz that's not cool.

I can understand wanting to express one's self, but the grand "Coming out" might be too much for some people. They might not be homophobic and could actually be pretty supportive...but that doesn't mean they MUST know about your sex life.

I'd suggest telling them if they ask (lying is bad and hard to keep up), but I wouldn't make it a point of telling them unless they were pressuring you into an uncomfortable situation. Then tell them flat out.
Rawhide Rawhide
Well, you have a choice here. There is a huge potential risk in telling your religious loved ones (they'll freak out, retaliate) and very little potential reward (unless you are in a relationship that you are actively having to hide).

If you think that same-sex relationships are going to be a part of your future, then I would plan on atleast telling your parents. Just bite the bullet, be direct, and be understanding if they freak out. Lots of parents have a bad reaction but then come around. However, if they are supporting you financially, I would wait until you are financially independent to tell them.

Bisexuality can mean different things for different people. Some bisexuals have the capacity to have sex with both men and women, but only fall in love/have relationships with one or the other. If you are capable of same-sex attraction but only have opposite sex relationships, I would think carefully about telling your parents. If this identity only goes as far as the bedroom, they probably don't need to know.
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