How would you come out?

How would you come out?

utsukushiixtsumi utsukushiixtsumi
How did you come out of the closet to your friends and family? How do they feel about it?
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hanjonatan hanjonatan
i told my parents when i was 14, they were fine with it. i just kind of did the awkward "i have something to tell you" thing, and it wasn't really an issue. my mum took a while before she, like, actually got it, but it was fine.

i didn't really need to come out to my friends - i started a new school when i was 16 and it was just kind of "welp, looks like there's a new queer kid in class", and then i met most of my new friends through the tiny gay scene in town, so everyone always knew. at my old school before that i would blurt stuff out occasionally so they all knew as well, i'm pretty sure.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
My friends were pretty accepting of it. My closest friends actually told me they knew I was bi when I went to talk to them about it, lol.

My mom and grandmother, that was a different story. They came home early from an appointment one day and found me in the shower with my 'friend' (girlfriend). ^^;; They were really cool about it, though. Considering my mom is into women, I feel like I had it pretty easy.
I just didn't. People figured it out after I started referring to partners as different genders.
Pastafariette Pastafariette
Originally posted by GONE!
I just didn't. People figured it out after I started referring to partners as different genders.
Same here!
oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
It's never really been a secret with the exception of my parents. I decided not to tell my parents until I wasn't financially dependent on them because I wasn't sure how they'd react. And now I'm in a relationship with a man so it's not really an issue.
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I had to actually come out twice.

16: I had told the staff at the group home where I lived I wanted to tell my mother I was bisexual (or so I thought) and that I wanted them there out of fear she would be angry with me. We went to McDonald's (of all places) And I was like: I got something to tell you... When I told her she seemed fine. Found out later she hated me for it.

21: I had done research, and realized I wasn't Bisexual, but PANsexual. I didn't plan to tell mom and dad about it, but mom had to make a mean comment saying that one in the family was* enough. I pretty much shot back to her that I would have a hell lot more experience than her due to being PANsexual. She actually believed me...*facepalm* (I know I won't have more, but the fact she believed me...)

I'm just glad my sister, husband and father accept this about me, now if only my mother would.
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