Looking back, what should have been your first clue?

Looking back, what should have been your first clue?

nori nori
I know the title is a bit rough, but i recently went through my third grade yearbook, and among some of the kandid photos, there is a picture of me and my best friend together. Like most little kids, we were dressed dorky. It was picture day. We were sitting at the lunch table, and it was clearly a posed photo.

My best friend at the time had her legs politely crossed, her hands on her knees regally, I'm next to her, leaning over and giving a goofy smile, my hands on top of hers.

It struck me, this should have been my first clue i was interested in girls as well. I adored holding her hand, and I didn't remember that until very recently. I also remember getting butterflies when she talked to me, and i attributed it to best friend feelings.

Anyone else have similar stories?
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- Kira - - Kira -
One of my early best friends was a girl I had a crush on. We kinda sorta dated at an early age, or something that would have equated to that in kid terms. We never had any official dates or anything, but we messed around a bit. I was really young, so I guess my sexuality came out at an early age.

The weird thing is, even though I was being sexual at a young age with a girl, it didn't click to me that I was bi. I guess I just thought that's what everyone did. When you're young, "normal" tends to be defined by your own experience until other people show/tell you differently. So I'd say that experience probably should have clued me in more than it did. It wasn't until many years later that I really grasped the concept of "sexuality" and what it meant.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
7th grade. Totally in love with my best friend. As much a 7th grade can be in love.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
I didn't know until about 10th grade, when I got a crush on a girl.

...not really a fancy or entertaining story, lol.
nori nori
Thanks for the stories guys. :]
xMila xMila
I only played "doctor" with other girls when I was in elementary. And I had crushes on cute female teachers.
Falsepast Falsepast
I always felt strongly towards lots of boys, but only a few females.
cricket cricket
Oh man clues can be found everywhere. My transgender roommate and I talk about this often. Especially going through old photos. Another neat give away is checking FB profiles for what people have marked under sexual preference/interested in. Most who leave the interested in section blank tend to be gay/bi.
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