Pansexuals, I Ask A Question!

Pansexuals, I Ask A Question!

LilMissSub LilMissSub
I consider myself Pan primarily on the basis that I initially have -no- sexual attraction to anyone, it all starts emotionally and socially before I even consider someone sexually or physically attractive. Heck, had to be with the fiance a solid year of being attached at the hip before I felt truly attracted to him physically and sexually.

The real thing that's currently bugging me is I feel kind of weird I can't look at people, clothed, naked, in porn, and so on and feel sexually to them. I almost feel like I wish I could, but it doesn't change.

The real question is if anyone else feels the want to be physically and sexually attracted to others?
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Girly Girl Girly Girl
mmm it´s good you feel emotions and social emotions ,,, i am the same way i am shy and i have to speak to people before feeling any depeer emotions that it´s ok sweetie
Kkay Kkay
What you describe to me sounds like demisexuality- which doesn't mean not being panromantic at all, but is more a description of romantic vs sexual attraction.

For me, I am sexually attracted to people in general, so I can't answer your question on that level.
LilMissSub LilMissSub
Coco - Thanks so much, I'm glad I can relate to someone who can relate to me. Makes it a less lonely situation. C:

Kkay - Thank you so much, I'm glad to know a proper term for my type of attraction towards others. c:
Vanille Vanille
Yeah, what you described is definitely demisexuality.

I'm demi, however I'm only attracted emotionally/sexually to women.
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