Curious'er and Curious'er~

Curious'er and Curious'er~

Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Mainly because I'm a curious person. I'm interested in knowing how your parents took your coming out/Trans-gender Wishes/ A-Sexual Preferences/Bi'Curious 'ness Etc.

My own parents were very religious and conservative, so even to this day I'm still considered brainwashed and or corrupted by some of my family. But I'm over most of it, as long as I have my fiance I don't care.
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TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
My mom still to this day refuses I am bisexual. When I first came out, she was convinced that I was straight. And for her sake and not to argue a few days later I told her I was 'just confused'. Considering I was in high school and the girls I experimented with where very much into ONLY experimenting and not dating, it wasn't hard to play up the straight girl role.

Now though she is convinced that I am a lesbian, even though I have been in a committed relationship with a man for a year and a half now.

Hopefully one day she will be able to accept that I am not straight or gay, but bisexual.
onehotmomma onehotmomma
I am straight so I haven't had a similar problem, but being unwed and having 2 kids- with the same guy, we've been together for 5 years (almost 6) I get a lot of backlash from family members. Not my immediate family. My sister got pregnant while she was in High School, so my family was pretty understanding. I have a huge family, and a lot of them are very strict in their views. It was first apparent at my baby shower for my first born. My sister got a lot of calls, not RSVP's but family members saying they will not have a part of my lifestyle and they don't agree with it. Which is fine. I don't associate with many of them anymore, and it's better that way. I don't need extra drama in my life
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
My mom is very liberal and open minded and just wants me to be happy, so she is well aware of the fluidity of my sexuality and is good with it as long as I'm happy, safe, and treated right. It's very easy for me and I'm very lucky.
Not here Not here
My mother is terribly homophobic. She often says things like "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." I try not to discuss anything like this with her because it just infuriates me.

I always had a feeling I was bisexual, but never acted on it until this summer. I have DEFINITELY found that I am bisexual, but I haven't told anyone in my family because I am only sexually attracted to women, and couldn't see myself in any sort of romantic relationship with one. I don't think it's important for my family to know about my sex life, so unless someone asks, there's no need for me to "come out."
Beth D Beth D
I've considered coming out about my bisexuality to my mother as I always thought she was a liberal open minded sort of person. I have become disillusioned of that now due to some things she's recently said. My entire family is very bigoted so I doubt I'll even make any kind of announcement unless I meet a girl I want to be serious about. It's not like I'd keep her as a dirty little secret; that wouldn't be fair. If that happens and my parents decide they can't get over the fact that I like women, it sucks but it's their loss.

It's funny because both my dad and my brother asked me when I was young (too young to really have any idea which way I swing) if I was a lesbian. I should have said yes instead of being embarrassed about the subject. Maybe then my family would have acted a little less bigoted all these years.
Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Mainly because I'm a curious person. I'm interested in knowing how your parents took your coming out/Trans-gender Wishes/ A-Sexual Preferences/Bi'Curious 'ness Etc.

My own parents were very religious and conservative, so even ...
My moms reply was, and I quote " I knew you were going to say that."

Way to steal my thunder mom.

I don't think it helped that my sister had come out as a lesbian at 14.
kermi91 kermi91
My mom was actually extremely cool when I told her I was bi-sexual. It was Christmas time and I was shopping for my girlfriend. She asked who I was buying a present for and started naming off people....when she couldn't think of a guy, she said, "is it for a guy?" I said nope. She asked, "is it for a girl?" I said, "yeah, I've been dating a girl for about 2 months now." She asked some questions but really seemed to have a solid grasp on the situation with my sexuality being fluid and me just loving who I love.

Since then, she always tries to urge me to the male side again, but I pretty much tell her I'm a lesbian and that always closes that conversation quickly.

Got to love her for trying!
Gingy Gingy
my parents are accepting of my sexuality and like my partner but we dont really talk about it or anything...even if i was straight we wouldnt talk about it though
Ice1 Ice1
I was originally very worried about coming out as a lesbian because you never know how the parentals will react (regardless whether they say they're cool with gays or not in general), but my parents were totally accepting. I even got a chocolate bar afterward, so I suppose it was a best case scenario!

The resulting questions were more awkward than anything. "Are you going to wear lots of rainbows now?" "Is she butch or are you butch?" But that's just because they were new to having a lesbian in the immediate family, so I guess the random questions were to be expected
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