Are you open with your children about gay/lesbian relationships?

Are you open with your children about gay/lesbian relationships?

lukymami lukymami
I have two children and have been with a woman for almost a year now. People ask me all the time if my kids know about it still.....
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YES...completely honest
lukymami , Nazaress , Augustxsins , hatman , bayosgirl , K101 , Ciao. , Bex1331
8  (80%)"s not someting they should know
1  (10%)
They know only what they need to
1  (10%)
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Nazaress Nazaress
I don't have kids but I would tell them.
Augustxsins Augustxsins
I don't have children, but I would tell them in a heartbeat. About a year after my mom and dad divorced, my mom introduced her girlfriend to my sister and I. We were so very, very happy that she was happy. Who cares that it was another woman?
hatman hatman
I also don't have children, but I would try to be as open with them as possible. Also, my current partner and I haven't discussed kids at all, but I think she'd also be of the same mind
CindyH CindyH
yes i am completely honest with my child
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I don't have children nor am I a lesbian, but if I did and I were, I would be honest with them.
K101 K101
Originally posted by lukymami
I have two children and have been with a woman for almost a year now. People ask me all the time if my kids know about it still.....
Yes, very open. We have a 12 year old and I have a 13 year old nephew who we've raised on and off (currently he's staying with his father). However, this is the first year he's gone off to stay with someone else. While he was living with me full time, he always brought up the subject. Eventually last summer he said "Kendra, I have something to tell you." I knew exactly what he was going to say. He said "I'm homosexual." I said "You think I didn't already know that?" He was so relieved and I told him that my love will never ever change no matter what. I also told him that it meant so much to me that he was comfortable telling me. Now, he talks about it very openly. Now that he's been staying with his father the last several months, things have changed. He's allowed to speak openly and honestly about ANYTHING here at home with me, but it's not exactly like that at his father's.

That is how to gay subject was brought up by our 12 year old. He talks and asks questions about it ALL the time. He's not quite old enough to understand everything and has so many questions that it can be overwhelming, but we answer and make a light conversation about it that sometimes lasts for an entire evening. It doesn't bother me. I love that my kids can talk to me. I've always wanted that. So yes, we're very open and not only about gay relationships, but straight too. My kids will never be led to believe that things like this are evil or not good to talk about. I believe the opposite. I want them to know the truth about things, not some jacked up stories they hear on a school bus from older kids who want to freak them out.

I don't see anything wrong with kids knowing what gay is. Heck, they know what straight is. Gay exists and as long as they aren't being harmed in the process, there's nothing wrong with explaining things. Of course I wouldn't voluntarily explain to the 6 year old what gay is (she'd never understand), but it's not bad to talk about. When they ask, I always tell them.

I'm not gay, my partner is a male, but at an age where you think the kids could understand (and you are comfortable telling them) then I don't think it is wrong to tell them. I went to school with a guy who was raised by his two moms and he had no problem with it.
Ciao. Ciao.
I don't have kids right now, but my partner and I decided that when we do have kids they will know that I'm trans, even though I'm non-transitioning. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing shameful about it and they have the right to know. Our friends and family know so it's not like it would be a problem for us at all.

I'm not sure how someone in a same-sex relationship would keep their child from knowing about it eventually, and when/if they discovered that "secret" they would only feel more hurt from not knowing than they would probably ever feel by being brought up in a non-traditional household.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I think you would treat gay relationships and past relationships in the same way you would straight ones. When you feel ready, you can introduce them. Maybe if a situation comes up where they ask about your past.
It is only weird if you act like it is weird. They don't see it as any different until you teach them that it is.
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