Pride or not?

Pride or not?

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Do you/have you attend/ed Pride Festivities?

if so, why?

if not, why?
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oldhippy oldhippy
My daughter is a Lesbian and I went to support her and her choices. My wife and I were also members of PFLAG for a while when she first came out. So, Yes I have been to Pride festivities. They were some of the best behaved and most polite groups I have ever been with.
Ansley Ansley

Just kidding. I love our Pride festival. I support anything that encourages the government staying the hell out of people's bedrooms and that are also changing the way people feel about sex and who can have it, when and with whom.

My philosophy is: I don't give a damn if you don't ever want to do it, but you don't have the right to take it away from someone else.

So, yeah. I'm down with Pride. I can't get down there every year like I would want to in an ideal world, but I still smile and whisper a "you go!" whenever I read a story about it. I guess in a way you could say that I embody pride every single day by not trashing people for their responsible, consentual choices in life. We only get one go 'round people. There are bigger fish to fry.
lzbncrckhead lzbncrckhead
Every year i plan on going.. and every year i don’t. (i’m such a bad gay person) I totally support pride festivals for everyone.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I have been to two Pride festivals in my life. My first was last year to Dallas Pride, and I did not enjoy it at all. My friends ended up getting drunk and leaving me by myself with strangers for an hour. And I was sick and so was another of my friends so we couldn't drink and we were miserable. I was the only one sober to drive us home in a shitty van and then everyone FOUGHT in the car. Nothing can be more dramatic than a POS van full of lesbians and gay men.

However, I went to Houston Pride in June this year with my girlfriend and I enjoyed it greatly. I went with her and one of my friends from Dallas, who, ironically, happens to be from the city that I moved to in order to be with my girlfriend. We all had a great time, got drunk, were responsible, and met some great people.

Neither my girlfriend nor I are the "WE'RE LESBIAN DEAL WITH IT!" type of couple, but we do enjoy going to Pride just to celebrate the fact that we do have rights just like everyone else.
mizzmilla mizzmilla
This year will probably be my first year. Last year would have been my first time to think about going but I was out of town. I'm not really into festivals but, I am proud of who I am so I plan on going at least once in my life.
CherryDyke CherryDyke
Pride is good, but I feel like it loses something for me as I get older. I think it's important for those that are newly out.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Originally posted by CherryDyke
Pride is good, but I feel like it loses something for me as I get older. I think it's important for those that are newly out.
I think you have a great point there.
Gingy Gingy
I have been, but not in years! its a good time and important for the community but I just dont like crowds and live far from any events so I stay home and be proud by myself
Pink Kitty Pink Kitty
I went once, hated it. It was every gay cliche you could imagine.

And some guy was rubbing up on me, he was highly unattractive, not to mention AT LEAST in his 30's to 40's when I was only 19. And he got into an argument with me telling me I was a bad homosexual that I was not aroused by a half naked man rubbing up against me.
Maybe if you were more my age, and were not wearing spanx with half of your @$$ flab coming out of the top AND bottom of your shorts, JUST MAYBE!

But he spread it around that I was a bad homosexual that I was not really gay, nor aroused by men.
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