Looking for Rainbow Toys???

Contributor: Steve of Eden Steve of Eden
Please share links of any rainbow toys you know of... on this site or any others...

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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Perceptive forum discussions on Rainbow Dildo:

I just learned what a rainbow party is....
Ok, so I was watching tv and there was some discussion of rainbow parties, which I had never even heard of up until that point. So for those who don't

What is your DARKEST fantasy? What is your most "rainbow and sparkles" one???
I have fantasized about a meteor strike on Earth...hours away. What would I do? I have had one dream where everyone in the train station simply...

Have you heard of "Rainbow Parties"?
This was a new one on me. Teens or younger, getting together....where the girls all wear different color lip gloss and the boys try and get as many...

Rainbow Heart - would it work for a tail?
So i was thinking of attaching a clip on tail to this since it has a handle. Since it's glass, do you think it would be able to stay inside of a...

Do you ever wish more things came rainbow colored?
I honesty can't even find sex toys that color, much less bondage items. Really. Hard to find.
Contributor: Asher Asher
Ok so it took me a while...but this is all I found


Hope it helps
Contributor: TheParrishism TheParrishism
There is a rainbow glass one somewhere on here.
Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
The Rainbow Nubby wand, Mega nubby, and Rainbow heart are all glass and rainbow.
Contributor: Rainbows Rainbows
I love my Rainbow Heart.