Roleplay Ideas for Gay or Lesbian Couples

Roleplay Ideas for Gay or Lesbian Couples

Madeira Madeira
I run a blog for kinky GLBTQ people on real life kink, and I write articles exploring the dynamics between same sex or queer couples, and practical tips, toy reviews and ideas for said couples. I'm writing a series of "role play" suggestion lists for couples as it's quite hard to find GLBTQ role play ideas, and I was wondering if I could reach out to you lovely people to help me come up with a list that's not limited by the fact that I'm a high femme lesbian submissive so that the roleplay ideas really reflect a broader range of fantasies and dynamics.
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Darling Jen Darling Jen
I haven't really thought of GLBT-couple specific role playing before. I personally can't think of any that are gender/orientation specific. But then again, I'm with a transman, so I don't know if I'm just missing out.

But I sure hope you get some ideas and suggestions!
Sir Sir
Anything that any other couple might do can be used for another couple, only simply modified. I do not know of any gender-specific roleplays..?
Owl Identified Owl Identified
I totally understand the need for specifically queer role plays. A lot of things can be adapted for a queer scene, but I also get the desire for something specifically tailored to your gender dynamic. Personally, when I'm with other women and I do role playing I often like to utilize real life scenes and contexts in which women interact with one another. Sometimes it helps to think: where are women interacting with other women exclusively? As an example, a locker room at a gym would be such a place. Women's bathroom, changing room at a store, a doctor's office if the doctor is a woman, an after hours study session with a woman professor, etc. You could also think of woman-woman dynamics themselves: two friends, a woman employee and a woman boss, a sister and her older brother's boyfriend, the list goes on forever. It can be as vanilla or as kinky as you want, get creative!
lesbianlesbian lesbianlesbian
Any hetero roleplay is adaptable to LGBTQ roleplay.

Lesbian idea.

Like if it's a kinky professor/college student roleplay, they're just both women.

hornypoet69 hornypoet69
College roommates is a popular fantasy for gay people. Wouldn't be hard to do a roleplay for that. As someone said above, places where only women/men would be, make for good settings. Bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. There is also the popular fantasy of seducing the straight person. If you're into humiliation or domination play, homophobia can make a good basis for that. Gender bending might also be a fun way to go about it. Do a traditional male/female fantasy, with one partner dressing as the other gender. Then you "discover" that they are really a man/woman, and go from there however you please.
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