Ask Your Questions About Being Trans*!

Contributor: Ciao. Ciao.
Hello Eden, I've been a longtime member of the site and on again/off again contributor here at the forums. I'm also trans identified (though not on a transition path), and have been out for 5+ years now. Eden is an awesome community with a good chunk of trans/genderqueer identified people, lots more LGBQ identified people, allies, and a great atmosphere, but I'm positive there are plenty of people here with questions about trans issues, what it's like being trans, etc.

I won't for a minute pretend to speak for all trans people but I am happy to answer any questions about my experience and help demystify any misconceptions people might have about the trans experience. Ask away!
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Contributor: Mwar Mwar
Hi, and thanks for the post!

I have a question regarding the different LGBTQ communities (I know you are just one person, but I'd like your opinion). I have a pair of older Guncles and I notice that they are not as accepting of trans individuals as they are LGB people. I have observed through my experience in the LGB community that a notable amount of people seem to have different feelings on Trans individuals, or the T in LGBTQ. They don't hate or look to discriminate trans individuals, but say not so flattering things.

Do you notice this separation between the groups? I think it's getting better, but I find it odd that this happens.
Contributor: Ciao. Ciao.
No problem, @Mwar!

I don't think it's just my perception that there is some separation between the gay & lesbian community and the trans community.

My view, and maybe it's somewhat biased, is that generally MtF trans people receive more negativity than FtM trans folk from within the queer community, though they are certainly not free from being labeled and discriminated against. Amongst the gay community (particularly the older gay community) there are definitely some issues with misogynistic attitudes towards women and historical attitudes that trans women were only interested in transitioning so they could have sex with men without fear of being seen as gay. Amongst lesbian groups there are some radicals who see trans women as trying to "infiltrate" womanhood, and take issue with trans women having a history of male upbringing (and associated privilege).

And in general, I don't think the LGB community is totally free from the lack of education and knowledge about the trans community. Some people just don't understand well what it means to be trans, why someone would want to transition, and why they deserve equality in the same way. Trans people (particularly those of color, or from underprivileged backgrounds) still struggle with being well represented in major LGBTQ organizations.

That said, there are plenty of GLBQ people who are fantastic, super-supportive of trans individuals, and totally get it.
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