Binders for large-chested people...

Binders for large-chested people...

lukas24 lukas24
Which do you prefer most? Specific binders and models? Or even just in general companies?
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Double T
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Chirple Chirple
Underworks. Although I don't have experience with Double T.

I made one that was okay, but only for a day or so of wearing - I wouldn't have used it for everyday.

And from Underworks the only one I can recommend is the Tri-Top. The longer one just isn't as strong and the length isn't necessary and tends to roll up on people. Also, you will get sweaty like crazy. The Tri-Top is bad enough and I roll it up on very hot days, since there's no point in having it go down as far as it does.

I might re-hem them eventually.

Also, you MUST use the FTM sizing or it will probably not work very well. You measure around the chest at widest, and right under it - where a bra band would be. Add and divide by 2. Now, you still might have to exchange, but much, much better than using just the big chest measure.

In my experience, T Kingdom is only good for those with already small chests. Same for Lez Love Boat. They're nice products, but I wouldn't recommend to someone who had a larger chest - anything more than a small "B" cup, I'd guess.

Here is what I home-made : LINK TO PICTURE

It's really important to have the elastic in a "K" or "X" pattern, not just "around and around". Around and around takes more pressure to do the same thing and greatly increases discomfort.

The K/X distributes the pressure better and also applies it more effectively.


Wearing Tri-Top. Yeah, I don't really take pictures of myself often. Totally my Halloween costume.
jesseftm jesseftm
I'm not incredibly large chested, but I'm also not lucky enough to be small enough that binding with anything from T-Kingdom will work for me. I've tried it, and ended up passing the binder along to someone it would actually work for. I've also tried a Jula (I think?! They're sold on lesloveboat) because it was a strapless binder and I like wearing tanktops. It works...okay but definitely not for every day and it doesn't do the BEST job binding, but it still works best under a tank top (rather than chunky straps). I've been binding with the Tri-Top since I was about 16 (coming up on 7 years now) and this last time I needed to replace my binder I decided to try out the Extreme Chest Concealer and I absolutely love it. My biggest issues with the Tri-Top were where it sits on my stomach and the way that it rolls up. I would always end up folding it up so I had two layers of compression over my chest but that would inevitably create a crease under my shirt. I'm pretty sure the Extreme Chest Concealer is just like the Tri-Top, but only across the chest and then it is covered in a cotton tanktop. I love it and I will never go back! btw, I'm around a C if that helps.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Small and purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect bosom here, no need for such things so I have no idea to tell the truth, have never been with any ladies with such a rich bosom too (prefer average or smaller size) and my Master has the very same taste, so I guess I can't really answer the question with my lack of knowledge... ~smiles blushy and shy
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Oh and I assume that self-made accessories are always good enough as long as they are perfectly safe!
Lock Lock
Originally posted by DreamWolf
Oh and I assume that self-made accessories are always good enough as long as they are perfectly safe!
I like T Kingdom, but I've only ever gotten to try one from them one time. I've only ever USED underworks, but I don't really like them - then again I don't like binding period. I want to try Lez Love Boat.

Annnd I did not mean to reply directly to DreamWolf, sorry about that!
lukas24 lukas24
I always heard about how great T-Kingdom is comfort-wise, but didn't know how well they bound. I need to figure out a way to modify that Underworks tri-top so it is semi-comfortable....
butts butts
T kingdom is great for smaller chested guys, I don't know about their larger sizes, I've really only heard stuff from guys b cup or smaller. For larger chests, Underworks seems like the best bet, or something homemade. Les Love Boat also carries binders for large chested guys link
and I can personally say that their quality is amazing. I have the High Performance Long binder, though I'm under an A cup.
The only one I have seen recommended for larger chests seems to be Underworks.
Rab Rab
Underworks is the only one I have experience with, and I think the only way I could be happier with my 997 would be if I had gotten the proper (smaller) size the first time around
I'm a big kid in general, so I appreciate that it binds my abdomen a bit too, instead of leaving my big belly sticking out under a suddenly flat chest
it keeps everything looking even and natural
MasonM MasonM
Originally posted by lukas24
Which do you prefer most? Specific binders and models? Or even just in general companies?
I'm size 46J and use an Underworks binder. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than nothing.
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