Bottom Dysphoria??

Bottom Dysphoria??

Asher Asher

I am not use to having bottom dysphoria...but it occured the other night for the first time while having sex...

Does it get better or worse after starting T....
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TransGuy14 TransGuy14
I just started T two weeks ago. So far my bottom dysphoria is alright. i have it most often during sex if i go too long without my dick
victorsummers victorsummers
I'm 8 months on T, and sometimes I do feel bottom dysphoria, but I think that after top-op it will be more frequently
Boyqueen Boyqueen
I've been on T for a year and a half. It happened sometimes prior to top surgery, but after top surgery my bottom dysphoria has become intense. I constantly feel it.
Asher Asher
Thank you for responding. I am afraid it will increase after I start week!! yay...but then after top op I am more afraid it will get even worse.
Genderfree Genderfree
Congrats on starting T. As soon as I started T, all of my emotions got darastically more... emotional. Thus, all of that, bottom dysphoria, etc. etc. got way worse. I'm still trying to deal with it.
needapacker needapacker
my bottom dysphoria got worse after starting T but I know guys who were very happy with the growth they got.
My bottom dysphoria didn;t go away until bottom surgery but thats not really an option for everyone.
Asher Asher
Thanks guys..yeah I am 3 weeks on tomorrow...and I started with an its an inch and a half????!!! I am say the least....but my bottom dysphoria has gotten worse...tho blow jobs are amazing now lol
Lucifer the Cat Lucifer the Cat
I honestly think it's different for every person.
eroticmutt eroticmutt
For me it was something that came and went. I have always loved sex though so it wasn't really worse during sex than other times. In fact I would like to have my partner tell me whatever would get me turned on the most and he would do just that right in the middle, which made it perfect for me. Sitting there and thinking through every aspect of your real sex life isn't going to get you off unless it's perfect, which isn't the reality for 99% of us.

Things that helped me:
pumping (bigger size and better sensation)
using strokers/sex dolls (to feel the proper sensations and role I enjoy)
my partner learning to give good blowjobs and handjobs

Now at 1.5 inches you should have no issue getting good sensation and I'm still growing (started topical DHT over 2 years ago, been on T over a year, pump occasionally).

One thing that might help is seeing your package from other angles. Every guy thinks his penis looks kinda small from his view but properly placed camera or mirror can show it from your partner's view and you realize that it's pretty darn big once the changes start! That was the case for me
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