Few Questions about Injecting T

Few Questions about Injecting T

eroticmutt eroticmutt
So excited I am finally on T now! Got my first shot .5cc on wednesday.

1.) I was instructed to put the needle in all the way so it would be in muscle not fat. I was also told that you need to squeeze your leg and can even pull the "meat" of it away from the bone, gripping it in your hand. I may just be confused, but doesn't that mean I am primarily gripping fat? I am only 110lb and 5'3 but just like anyone else at a healthy size for their body, I do have some fat on my legs and I keep thinking if I squeeze my leg like that I am just injecting into fat not muscle. Is that true?

2.) When I went to inject myself, 3/4 of the one inch needle went in smooth as butter. I tried to push it in the rest of the way as instructed by my doctor, but suddenly got a sharp shooting pain when I pushed in more.

When I pulled back slightly, the sensation went away. My doctor told me "You need that all the way in though, try again" so again I go to push the needle the rest of the way and again I got the same shooting pain. I started feeling shaky and like I was overheating, sweating profusely and slightly dizzy, so I removed the needle.

They wanted me to try again on the other side but my hands were shaking so badly I asked the doctor if they would do it. When they did, I did not get that excruciating sensation- no shaking, no sweating, just a light tugging and pressure I easily coped with.

My question is, does it sound like I hit a nerve? The doctor said that is what it might have been since it was going in fine and only hurt when I touched a certain point with the needle.

3.) What should I do next time if that happens again? I have a limited number of needles and I know you aren't supposed to remove them and re-inject unless you change your needle. I was told I need to be full-depth so I can't just pull back some...

4.) Has this happened to you? I heard it doesn't happen often but I am a little scared it may again.
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P'Gell P'Gell
It takes a while to learn how to give injections. IM (intramuscular) injections are harder to give (and take) than SubQ (under the skin or sub cutaneous.) It's even harder to give an IV injection. You have to hit the vein and not go through to the other side, while trying not to hurt or bruise the patient.

I've only given myself SubQ injections and despite practice on other people, I was shaking and sweating and scared to death. (I'm not in Transition, but I'm a nurse and in the past had to give myself sub Q injections for migraines)

Keep talking to your doctor, I'm glad he talked you through the injection. It will get easier with each one. You can go in a second time, if you miss, but the needles loses a little sharpness. It will be OK.

Just keep doing it and you'll be good at it in no time. It's quite normal to freak out and have a little anxiety attack the first time you have to stick yourself, especially with an IM injection. Next time will be easier, and the next time even easier and so on.
TakeHimAway TakeHimAway
Originally posted by eroticmutt
So excited I am finally on T now! Got my first shot .5cc on wednesday.

1.) I was instructed to put the needle in all the way so it would be in muscle not fat. I was also told that you need to squeeze your leg and can even pull the ...
I have all the same questions. I somehow manage to fuck it up every single time. I can get the needle all the way in; I Z-track, but stuff comes out with the blood.
butts butts
Sounds like you probably hit a nerve, that's all. Just try in a different spot.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Um ouch! I could never be this brave.
eroticmutt eroticmutt
Thanks guys. Yeah I would agree it was just hitting a nerve, not pain of the actual injection. That leg is now completely fine, didn't feel a thing the next day while the one which got an actual injection is still a little sore and tender, but seeing as it's intramuscular I knew that would happen because I am always up to date with my Tetanus shot and that leaves you sore too (which is why I always dread getting that one haha).

Anyway, I am hoping that the next one goes smoother, but I look at it this way: I would rather be satisfied with myself as a man and have some occasional leg pain than live as a woman.

Not only that, but I have felt pretty amazing since getting my first T shot. There is a learning curve in it for me, my body needs somewhat more food now and sometimes the hunger comes on so quick I feel faint without even realizing I needed anything.

Last night before bed ate some slices of pizza and sweet potato, woke up ready for breakfast


As for the whole stopping injection and doing a different place if I hit a nerve or blood vessel, I figure no way can it happen every single time to me statistically, and if I come up short on needles my doctor should be 100% willing to write me a new script for THEM because as long as I am only using T at a normal rate, they will be understanding about needing a "round two" if something goes wrong while injecting myself

Also, today standing up I practiced firming up my leg muscles and feeling the area where I do injections and I guess I was wrong- there is a lot of "meat" there but it goes rock hard when I flex so I guess it IS muscle, not fat so I am no longer worried about my first question.
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