FtMs: How often do you bind?

Contributor: Charry Charry
How often do you bind?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I take intervals during the day, but I don't bind at night.
18  (82%)
I take intervals during the day as well as binding during the night.
1  (5%)
I can bind all day and night.
2  (9%)
I can bind for more than that.
I don't bind.
1  (5%)
I don't need to bind!
Total votes: 22
Poll is closed
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Contributor: hanjonatan hanjonatan
i don't understand what you mean by "intervals"? i bind all day, i usually don't bind at night - it's not particularly good for you, and when i do i always have a massive coughing fit in the morning, plus it messes my back up.
Contributor: pestilence pestilence
I always bind in public, but not when I'm home alone.
Contributor: sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by Charry
How often do you bind?
I've never binded, though I'm considering it. Today, however, I felt really flat without needing to bind D: so I dunno if it's actually necessary.
Contributor: Boyqueen Boyqueen
I bind whenever I leave my house and never when I sleep. I've been binding like this since I was 15 and I'm 18 now.
Contributor: butts butts
I'm very small chested so I only bind when going out in public, most of my shirts aren't tight anyways so I don't really need to. Probably a few times a week for a couple hours at most.
Contributor: jesseftm jesseftm
I also don't know what you mean by intervals, but I bind all day every day but not while I sleep. I've been binding since I was 17 and I'm 23 now.
Contributor: GONE! GONE!
I bind when I'm in public but I try to use methods of binding that don't require a full, stiff binder.
Contributor: violets violets
I bind when I'm in public, unless I'm wearing a shirt baggy enough so I don't have to. Don't bind when at I'm home usually, unless I'm expecting company.
Contributor: TheParrishism TheParrishism
I bind all day unless I have problems. I don't bind at night because that will be extremely painful and sore the next day.
Contributor: treehugger treehugger
Oh gosh, no, I would not recommend binding at night. I've heard of cases where people had to go to the ER after sleeping in a binder... those things aren't meant to be worn more than around 8 hours at a time, to be safe.
Contributor: TransMarc TransMarc
I don't bind anymore even during the day, because it hurted my back somewhat, made me breath differently though it was bearable, reduced my mobility too much. I feel weak wearing it. Once I had a panic attack and my heart went faster and faster, in a way and rhythm and at a tempo that was unusual for a panic attack and I felt it in my wrist, plus I was trying to stay calm but for some reason my heart started doing this! So I'm not sure if it was really a panic attack or something worse, because I had been emotionally disturbed but had not had panic attacks since a long time and this one was very different.
Also, people still think I'm a woman who bind when I've a binder, except some rare other trans* folks who don't assume my gender at all or correct themselves. Most people just assume and don't even ask, even those who are so fucking well aware of the existence of trans* people and who say "REALLY BUT IT'S A BOY'S NAME" when I tell them my name.
Maybe I just need to find someone with whom I could trade binders, mine for their too big one. Maybe it's too small. (also I know I've gotten bigger, maybe chest-wise and the fact I took muscle and fat and I think it was after I got the binder I did my last growth spurt, which made me a head taller than someone who had been just a bit shorter than me. I got my periods at 11 and for some reason I just finished growing recently and I'm not even sure I did.)
Contributor: TransGuy14 TransGuy14
bind all day, not often at night
Contributor: Anteaterz Anteaterz
I bind any time I'm out in public. At my house with people I'm comfortable with, at my boyfriend's house, and my friend's houses I feel safe. Binding at night is dangerous and I never do it.
Contributor: Asher Asher
I bind during the day and especially if I go out in public...but never at night...super dangerous...