I fail at coming out.

I fail at coming out.

So, over the last few months I have tried to come out as transgender on multiple occasions to my friends through Facebook but I have found, much to my dismay, that none of my friends even know what being transgender is so if I say I'm not a girl, they have utterly no concept of how I couldn't be.

I've kind of given up but it's so deeply annoying to be misgendered by people right on my wall right under people using the right pronouns that I obviously have to do something.

Any ideas? I've been trying to be somewhat subtle but apparently that's the wrong approach here.
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Thomas90 Thomas90
When i first came out, my friends had no idea either. What i did though, is i just told them how i felt, and what i wanted in the future. I then told them that how i was feeling was what people feel when they are trans.

They did take a while to accept/understand, but what i really had to explain, was how much better i felt when people regarded me as male, and how upset i felt when people regarded me as female. The hardest thing for them, is they wont know if they are allowed to ask questions, so make it clear, that you dont mind answering their questions, because they'll probably want to know what to call you/what pronouns etc.

Good luck!
Schattenstern Schattenstern
If you're comfortable coming out on facebook, you could possibly write a note (gosh, it's been so long since people made these) and tag people in it who are misgendering you. I would put in the note how you feel and a basic idea of what being transgender means to you along with another time of asking people to use proper pronouns and your preferred name. Congrats on coming out, though - even if it isn't going how you planned!
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