One Thing?

One Thing?

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What is one (or maybe two) thing(s) you'd like to say to the average cisgendered person, or any person really, about what it's like to be trans*?
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Niyari Niyari
Originally posted by Lock
What is one (or maybe two) thing(s) you'd like to say to the average cisgendered person, or any person really, about what it's like to be trans*?
"I'm going to try describing what Dyphoria is like.

It's quite common to hear things like "Man trapped in a woman's body" or "Girl with a penis". But these cute little phrases really don't put into perspective how terrible Gender Dysphoria feels.

Like think of the gender you identify as, you know as a Cisgender person, the gender you were lucky enough to be born with. You live life in this body that you know is you, and you're quite comfortable with yourself. Aside from maybe one or two small things, but you learn to adapt and grow to accept them.

Now suddenly you wake up, and you realize that you've been dreaming all along. You've actually just dreamed about everything. Head to toes, now, is the opposite gender. And there's nothing you can do to naturally change it. There's no way to just change your chromosomes around, your DNA just screams the improper hormone levels.

Now realize that, I can't escape into the dream world which is your reality. I can't just close my eyes and forget what I am physically. But the big thing is, some guys don't have penis's. Doesn't make them any less of a man. I don't need the social pressure of gender norms to add on to the pressure of the fact my body decided it'd be fun to make more estrogen than testosterone. Some men can get pregnant, some lesbians have penises, some guys dress up as girls that dress up as guys. Some guys are XX, some girls are XY. But sometimes, dysphoria and social pressure makes me forget that.

Sometimes Dysphoria gets so bad I end up wearing 8 layers of shirts just so I can have a more masculine contour. No matter how hot, painful and uncomfortable it is, it's still better than Dysphoria.

I know cisgender people also have it rough, things like anorexia, depression, bipolar disorder, but the thing is, many Trans* people also have those issues as well. Most could be solved with hormone blockers, HRT, and/or SRS, but society doesn't take care of the ones who really need it. Society can't solve every little problem. I understand that, but from what I see, ignorance makes it harder for the individuals to take care of themselves.

Trans* people out of the LGBT spectrum have the highest ratings in everything. Homelessness, suicide, loss of jobs...etc.

I'm one of the lucky ones."

Kind of multiple things....but pick and choose.
butts butts
For myself anyway, my body doesn't not feel MINE, it just feels... deformed. The best I can describe it to someone else is, if I was talking to a cismale,
"how would you feel if you were the same person you are now, but treated as a woman, and had a female body? It doesn't feel right does it? It's not that your body is disgusting or anything, and it's not that it's not YOURS, it's just FEELS WRONG. And it feels even MORE wrong to have people TREAT you by the body parts that you don't identify with."

Not to say that males aren't judged by their genitals as well. It's hard to describe without getting into sexism.
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