Do you experience heightened dysphoria while 'doing the dirty'?

Do you experience heightened dysphoria while 'doing the dirty'?

Charry Charry
Do any of you experience heightened dysphoria while 'doing the dirty', pre-anything or not?
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butts butts
Once in a while, my partner is super respectful though so it's usually fine. I do get super dysphoric when he wants to bottom though, my god that can be hard sometimes. Strap ons are fun but it's just not a replacement.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
Sometimes, but if that happens, I usually stop having sex because it is a really unpleasant experience.
DarthTaco DarthTaco
Once in a while. I do my best to persevere through it. If I don't let my drug addiction control my life anymore, I make sure my dysphoria doesn't either. I have control over it most of the time, but just like on days I feel I'm about to relapse, I have times when it makes me its bitch XP.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I usually know my limits, so if I am in any kind of grey area, there is no stepping into bed for me.
smlove smlove
My wife had an orchiectomy, so she doesn't have the boys anymore, just the shaft. since the testosterone is gone, it doesn't act like a boypenis anymore. I call it a girlpenis sometimes, but generally we refer to it as her clit that is just larger than normal.
we do occasionally have hetero-sex with me on top, but the way I grind into her, she imagines as if I'm the one with a strap on and it gives her the most delicious orgasms. otherwise I'll use a strap-on for anal with her, or we just play with the vibrators. but the way we have sex is very lesbian, so she usually doesn't have any dysphoria problems.
c90 c90
Very rarely, but it's quite an unpleasant experience.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
Not really. If anything, putting on my cock and being able to take my boyfriend makes me feel better when I'm feeling dysphoric.
I tend to quite a lot, as I'm FTM in the early stages of transition and my man is cisgender and identifies as straight, so our sex life is still in the early stages of transitioning too.

For the most part, I don't have problems, but sometimes I feel shy about my body or get frustrated because without the aid of toys (which we can't afford right now) I'm unable to be the "GIVER".

I find it helps if I imagine being more male-bodied in these situations (which I usually do anyway) or if I get on top. Sometimes if I feel too much attention is being paid to my breasts (which usually makes me uncomfortable), I will direct his attention elsewhere.
Schattenstern Schattenstern
I don't usually during "the dirty" but usually the next morning I have noticed my dysphoria is out of control.. Probably an emotional thing moreso than physical for me.
needapacker needapacker
Yeah. I can't even cum during sex because of dysphoria. Sometimes I'm okay with it completely, sometimes i get really dysphoric after, and sometimes i have to stop during sex because it's just too bad. And that's just awful. My partner understands, but breaking down crying or having a panic attack during sex is just so uncomfortable.
Levi Levi
I don't do it at all because of my dyphoria and feeling of living in the wrong body!
hanjonatan hanjonatan
it used to get kind of bad after the fact, and i think the only reason it wasn't really awful during was that i was practicing a fairly unhealthy amount of denial/compartmentalis ation/dissociation. it's far less of a problem now, because [insert sappy stuff about current relationship and how she respects my boundaries and is awesome etc].
anonymous1298304 anonymous1298304
Originally posted by hanjonatan
it used to get kind of bad after the fact, and i think the only reason it wasn't really awful during was that i was practicing a fairly unhealthy amount of denial/compartmentalis ation/dissociation. it's far less of a problem now, because ...
awwww! sappy is sweet! that's awesome
Not in the middle of the act, but before and after yes.
fizzygato fizzygato
Yes, usually mostly at the top region when attention is paid to it, but then I think, "What if it feels good?" then it doesn't and I just get disappointed.

Never really dysphoric about the bottom.

I feel like what I'm usually dysphoric about, when not having sex, is the same as what I'm dysphoric about when I am/ for the same reasons
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
Yes, but my partner and I are learning together what feels most comfortable for us
novanilla novanilla
A former partner of mine had it sometimes, but we worked through it together and it didn't pose major issues for either of us, or at least not that they vocalized to me.
eroticmutt eroticmutt
Actually no, sex is the one time I don't really get bent out of shape at all about my trans* status. After all, I am not 100% comfortable with my build, I need to take shots every week to keep the changes coming and not lose part of what I have gained, and I will need more surgery to be more content with what I would have changed.

Yet the one thing I do enjoy is PIV sex, which is basically the only thing (in my mind) that makes it better to be FtM than to be cismale, so it leaves me with a small one-up or satisfaction there.
JB2012 JB2012
Not really during sex, but because my boyfriend is gay (I'm FTM) It makes me feel like I dont have what he wants? If you get what I mean? Although the thought only crosses my mind after.
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