Telling parents about wanting a packer?

Telling parents about wanting a packer?

Sam The Bam Sam The Bam
how would you go about doing this or does anyone have any stories?
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hanjonatan hanjonatan
i wouldn't do that in a million years. maybe i'm just old or a prude or something, but why would you? if it's a money issue, christ, borrow money from every single person you know who you're not related to. beg someone to let you use their credit card. anything but telling your parents, why would you do that? that is so embarrassing!
TboyTy TboyTy
I'm going to assume that since you're on this site you're at least 18. That being said it should be legal for you to buy your own negating the necessity of telling your parents.

If money is an issue, spend some time browsing the site, speaking up in the forums, commenting on reviews, searching for products, and adding things to the compare list. You get points for these actions which can be used to buy a packer, it shouldn't take you long unless your after Mr. Right but even then it can be done.

If you're wanting to tell you parents because they are supportive than it might be slightly uncomfortable but not difficult to bring up. Start a conversation about the tools guys use to make their appearance more gender appropriate. I would start basic with things like haircuts, clothing choices, then to binders, then bring up packers. "...binders help hide the bulges that shouldn't be on my chest, and there are things to help make bulges that should be there..."

I wouldn't dream of bringing such a thing up with my parents even though I've seen the questions/look on my moms face when I visit for dinner in the tighter jeans I wear when I go out for the night.

Congratulations on having such an open relationship with your parents that you would even think you could bring it up with them!
Andrew1992 Andrew1992
I didn't tell me parents. I had my own bank account so I just bought one. Its not a big enough thing for most people to notice, really.
Sam The Bam Sam The Bam
Originally posted by Sam The Bam
how would you go about doing this or does anyone have any stories?
well the only person i really wanna tell is my mom because id like her to realise and understand my life alittle better lol yes im not under aged. I just am thinking is it a good idea to let her that far in?
Genderfree Genderfree
I'm in this predicament. Honestly, I'm going to buy it, get it sent to my girlfriend's house, then wear it at home. If she asks, I'll show her, but I'm afraid she'll be so embarrassed that she'll burst out laughing! It's a good thing that she's supportive.
DarthTaco DarthTaco
I think I'm the different one here where this wouldn't be a weird thing to bring up with my mom. My mom knows about all my sex life, my toys, and has even helped me cleaned the toys. Bringing up a packer would be tame compared to that :'P. I only haven't brought it up because we don't live together at the moment ;_;. I intend to just show her pictures on the internet next time I see her :'P. We're gonna have such a good laugh...
Thomas90 Thomas90
I told my parents when i first bought a packer, and they were slightly embarrassed, but my mum finds it hilarious now. My dad on the other hand just asks why i dont use a banana instead....
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