#AprilFools - Enjoy sex more with Sex Toy

#AprilFools - Enjoy sex more with Sex Toy

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Enjoy sex more with Sex Toy


Sex Toy is a product that can help the user achieve orgasm. By physically applying it to the body, it stimulates the nerves and causes a response in the pleasure centres. By accompanying this use with a mental fantasy of oneself engaging in sexual activity, the user can reliably achieve orgasm with the assistance of Sex Toy, often much faster than one could have achieved climax without. Sex Toy is fun to use with a partner, but can also simulate the genitals of another person for the times when one does not have a sex partner available.

Assists in causing orgasm
Can create sensations unavailable during sexual activities that do not include Sex Toy

Can create addiction and a desire to own more varieties of Sex Toy
May cause embarrassment if Sex Toy is seen by family members

====================== ======================


Sex Toy can be applied to parts of the body both external and internal. Body parts that can be stimulated by Sex Toy include the penis, the clitoris, the vagina, the scrotum, the perineum, the breasts, and the anus. This is not a complete list. Please use care with Sex Toy, and do not violate safety or hygiene concerns.

Sex Toy can be used alone or with a partner. Some varieties of Sex Toy are waterproof and can be used in the bathtub or shower to allow one to enjoy Sex Toy in privacy.


Sex Toy is made of materials that allow it to feel different from applying pressure with one's own fingertips or being stimulated by the body parts of a partner. This is one of the characteristics that allow it to create a different experience than sexual activity without Sex Toy. Popular Sex Toy materials include jelly, rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, metal, and many others. Lower quality materials often have an unpleasant odour, which can put people off using Sex Toy completely. A beginner without much money to spend will find plastic to be both hygienic and affordable. Luxury versions of Sex Toy are generally made of silicone.


Sex Toy comes in different designs, some of which are highly specialized for specific purposes. The most popular varieties of Sex Toys contain a motor, which causes Sex Toy to shake at a high frequency. The design and shape of Sex Toy will determine where the quivering portion of Sex Toy should be applied. The three most popular areas to focus reverberations are the clitoris, the G-spot, and the prostate. However, vibrations can often be applied to other areas to great success.

Other varieties of Sex Toy are non-motorized. These are often designed to simulate male or female genitals, with some toys intended to be used as simulated penises, whilst others are designed to simulate orifices, both male and female, to be penetrated by the user's penis. Often designers take advantage of their freedom and create shapes and colours that are not naturally seen and only bear a superficial resemblance to a body part.

Sex Toy comes in a variety of sizes, from tiny versions that are smaller than a finger to large versions best described as Sex Toy Furniture.


Performance is where Sex Toy really shines. Whilst sex with a partner is always enjoyable, there are some sensations that cannot be created by oneself or one's partner. Examples include the fast motions of a motorized toy, the temperature fluctuations of a glass or metal toy, or being penetrated by a female partner with the assistance of a simulated penis. These are some of the many sensations available with Sex Toy, which can only enhance partnered play. When one is without a partner, Sex Toy allows one to give pleasure to oneself in a way that is superior to using one's own hands. Individuals with physical disabilities will find Sex Toy particularly useful in allowing sexual activity that might not have been physically possible without Sex Toy.

Care and Maintenance

For best results, clean Sex Toy before and after each use, following procedures appropriate for the type of Sex Toy that you own, and store Sex Toy either in its original packaging or in the Sex Toy Pouch that was included with your purchase. If your Sex Toy did not come with a pouch, after market pouches are available for purchase.


Entry-level varieties of Sex Toy often come in packaging that features photos of scantily clad women expressing their enthusiasm about Sex Toy by making grotesque facial expressions. Mid-range Sex Toy packaging generally shows abstract designs, along with a window displaying the toy. Luxury Sex Toy packaging is most appropriate for gifting, as it typically comes with an outer sleeve with general product information that can be removed to display an elegant black presentation box.

Personal Comments

My partner and I own many varieties of Sex Toy and we continue to expand our collection. My partner has expressed that he finds it sexually arousing to watch me use Sex Toy on myself. I often use a motorized Sex Toy on my clitoris whilst he engages in sexual intercourse with me, and this enhances my climax significantly. We both enjoy when I attach a simulated penis to myself and use it to penetrate his anus. This activity, known as "pegging", would be impossible without Sex Toy. When we are apart, my partner often uses an orifice style Sex Toy or a motorized one that stimulates his prostate. I prefer to use a motorized Sex Toy against my clitoris, or a phallic shaped glass toy to thrust into my vagina.

Overall, we both agree that Sex Toy has improved our lives significantly by increasing the amount of pleasure we give and receive during solo or partnered sexual activity. Whilst the amount of money we have spent on different varieties of Sex Toy is significant, we consider it as a better expenditure of our disposable income than hobbies that other couples engage in, such as strapping planks to one's feet and sliding down an incline covered with crystallized water, or trying to hit a small sphere with a specially shaped stick so that the sphere drops into a small hole in the ground. These activities bring pleasure to some people, but we have found our hobby of Sex Toy collecting is what brings pleasure to us.

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Antipova Antipova
This makes me smile so hard. Awesome job!
Kissy Kissy
Wow! I read the whole thing without stopping! I am not sure what this is for/regards to... but I loved it and actually learned a thing or two! I love the packaging low-mid-high levels... so true!!
P'Gell P'Gell
I love the... specificity of this review. Very detailed.

My favorite line: Entry-level varieties of Sex Toy often come in packaging that features photos of scantily clad women expressing their enthusiasm about Sex Toy by making grotesque facial expressions So true!
Beck Beck
LOL, great job.
melissa1973 melissa1973
WOW!! Whatever it is I want a couple of bottles.
Noira Noira

It's almost complete; it just needs about fifty-bazillion extra links to, y'know, Asian hookers, cheap Rolex watches, and Nike shoes.
Positwist Positwist
This is brilliant! Thanks for the laughs!
Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
curious kitten curious kitten
EXCELLENT, April Fool's review. I really loved this. Good Luck in the contest.
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Hilarious review, thanks for taking the time to write it!
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