#AprilFools - My banana-nanna-fo-fanna

#AprilFools - My banana-nanna-fo-fanna

winterseve winterseve
My banana-nanna-fo-fanna:

This is a great couples toy for one use only. It has an expiration date on it so be sure to use it in time. You’ll know it’s no longer good because it has a color indicator on the outside. It turns brown when it should be disposed of. If you buy it really fresh from the production line the indicator is green. For only .69 cents a piece this can’t be beat!

Taste and smell:
This definitely smells like some type of tropical fruit…maybe like banana runts. I think they do that so it’s more appealing ;-) to use. It smells great. If you don’t deconstruct the toy and use it with the outer core or wrapping left on, the smell and taste is more faint but recognizable. The first time I ordered it I almost got it confused with some type of fruit and tried to eat it. Thankfully my husband stopped me. Boy was that embarrassing.

The packaging is very simple. Sometimes it comes in bulk (if you need more than one) and you can also buy them individually. This is a great option because it can please beginners and experienced users alike. The product has no wrapping other than sometimes a bag. It does come with a sticker on it that gives you some type of lot number and the manufacturer name (but no address to send complaints to). I like to stick the sticker on my husband and joke about his manufacturer.

How do you use it:
Well some people like to use it with the wrapper on. It is similar in texture to a great silicone dildo. It is duel density. But it has a special feature that makes it so you can take off the outer layer for a softer, more scented experience. This is a one of a kind toy because of this dual density optional layering system. You can use it anally or vaginally or for practicing oral. You can insert it or use it for stimulation outside of the body and even for massage. If for some reason it gets lost in the body you can suck it out. It tastes great and is long enough that with suction from a pump or mouth it should pop right out. If you leave part of the dual core on it can work as a base to keep it from disappearing during anal use. One way I found to use it is to cut off one end and insert your favorite egg or bullet to make it vibrate! It doesn’t take any batteries and is not rechargeable. It is so quiet- making it perfect for roommate living or even use on a plane. No one will be any wiser. And because it could be mistaken for a piece of fruit it can even be left in plain sight…it’s that discreet! It is easy for travel too because it won’t set off any alarms or start buzzing in your suitcase or purse. I do not suggest this for temperature play because the toy lost its use faster by cooling. When put in the hot water or the microwave for heating it melted the dual core or exploded. It was fun to explode but I don’t want to waste a good sex toy unless I hate it. This can even be used as a packing dildo. It warms nicely to body temperature and is very comfortable to wear for packing. If you take off the outer layer it makes it less noticeable and more comfortable yet for packing.

Make sure you don’t switch orifices without washing. You should probably use a condom anyway because it has a safety rating of 2 and cannot be sterilized. However, if you use it anally and then take off the outer layer, you can easily use the inner core for vaginal use. This is a disposable toy so you can just toss it in the trash when you are done! No clean up necessary! You don’t have to worry about nooks and crannies to clean either!

Personal Experience:
My husband and I loved this toy. Except for the fact that we had to learn about how to use it on our own first (there were no instructions or pictures) we loved it. It was fun and cheap. You can’t beat a great toy for low expense. Next time we order we will get them in the bunch which is usually 6 or 7. They do make them from organic materials, which are more green (environmentally not referring to the color indicator) but they cost a bit more. It is still very affordable though, and some people write in their reviews that the taste and smell is improved as well.

Bees: 1
Vrooms: 3
Rating: 4 stars

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P'Gell P'Gell
You can insert it or use it for stimulation outside of the body and even for massage I wanna massage with a banana!

Hey, can you use those bags on the roll in the Produce Department instead of a condom? Think of the cash savings!
Ansley Ansley
Hahaha, I love it!
Beck Beck
Originally posted by P'Gell
You can insert it or use it for stimulation outside of the body and even for massage I wanna massage with a banana!

Hey, can you use those bags on the roll in the Produce Department instead of a condom? Think of the cash savings!
HAHA, don't forget about the Wandering Spiders to replace Viagra.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
They really should make this product in different flavours.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Over here rotf lmfao that was great.
winterseve winterseve
In response to P'Gell:

Yes, produce bags are a great way to save money! Make sure you don't use the breathable bags. Bacteria and spores from other things could leak through if you use them. To test this place the bag over your head and see if you can breath. I suggest you have a friend around just in case during this testing. Sometimes they will make you buy fruit to take a large number of bags. To save more money and get more bags, take an individual grape off a cluster and put it in a separate bag. This way you can have a low calorie snack before you use your new banana toy, and great protection for the toy as well, for just a few pennies!
curious kitten curious kitten
WOW! This is a real twist on what's what on the old fruit and veggies sex toys. I really enjoyed April Fool's review. GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST.
Kate Kate
Ahh so many amazing submissions for the april fools reviews and this is another awesome one! Good luck in the contest, this cracked me up!
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
"If for some reason it gets lost in the body you can suck it out."


Great review, had me laughing!
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