Is there a blog that you check out EVERY day?

Is there a blog that you check out EVERY day?

Terri69 Terri69
I have a couple cooking blogs that I go to every day to see if there is any new posts. Do you have any blogs that you check out every day?
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Yes (please comment with what type of blog)
Kissy , Kitka , M.O.'s Girl , Chilipepper , PolyLove , 31 Flavors , Karen Affeldt , Starkiller87 , dv8 , humblepie , Kitten has left the site , mmmmm , brevado , kittenfacery , BoobCopter , Thomas90 , padmeamidala
17  (40%)
Zombirella , Badass , Vadim50 , indiglo , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , SMichelle , Melan!e , Feisty , Ms. N , LoveBug721 , deltalima , Breas , ksparkles16 , Ben-eround , married with children , humpday , mpfm , amazon , Red Vinyl Kitty , Love Obsessed , ghalik , ginnyluvspotter
22  (52%)
Other (please comment)
ValerieRayne , AliMc , - Kira -
3  (7%)
Total votes: 42
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Kissy Kissy
Celebrity gossip blogs.. sad I know!
Kitka Kitka
I get email notifications for a blog written by another Eden member that's bdsm related.
Badass Badass
I don't check any blog daily..
ValerieRayne ValerieRayne
I try to remember to check my Google Reader every single day, especially being that I follow a lot of different kinds of blogs and easily rack up over 1000 things to read in a day.

Needless to say, most of the time, I'll check in on it at least once a day. I always always go through Gloria's Oversexed Mind first, a blog by Dr. Gloria Brame, because I'm a huge fan of hers! The pictures are also really inspiring to keep my mind in my reader and not focused on one of the other thousand tabs I have open.

Others that are on my try to read everyday list include Submissive Guide and a Slut Wife in Training, both by lunaKM and other writers. Sex+ with Laci Green is another one I'm always checking into and finally, Problogger.
M.O.'s Girl M.O.'s Girl
There are lots of blogs that I visit every day, some are sex blogs, others are news and gossip, and *gasp* there are a couple of sports blogs I like as well.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Tea with Friends (about tea, of course)
The Steampunk Workshop (says it all)
Gail Carriger (fantasy author - although she calls herself 'teapunk')
Retro Rack (also by Gail, dressing a curvy body in retro fashion)
Offbeat Bride (hush)
Offbeat Home (for the alt household)
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
No don't have any yet.
PolyLove PolyLove
The Daily Generous Wife
SMichelle SMichelle
No, there's none that I check everyday, or even weekly. That said, there are a few that I'll check "when I think of it"... which is usually once or twice a month.
dv8 dv8
Tiny Nibbles

I also check various computer security blogs every day.
Annemarie Annemarie
Cake Wrecks!!!!!
LoveBug721 LoveBug721
Originally posted by Terri69
I have a couple cooking blogs that I go to every day to see if there is any new posts. Do you have any blogs that you check out every day?
31 Flavors 31 Flavors
My girl has a tumblr that I check frequently.
solitudinarian solitudinarian
I just check Google Reader.
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
not really...I don't know if this is a blog but I love to see special deals... I got to
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
The bloggess

reddit but thats not really a blog
AliMc AliMc
I follow a few blogs but I don't check them every day. More like every other day.
dv8 dv8
I also look at but that's not really a blog.
humblepie humblepie
Yep! One costuming blog, one arts and crafts blog, and three personal blogs.
amazon amazon
Not one in particular, I jump around A LOT
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
As a matter of fact yes. I like to check my blogspot for anything new, mainly for my friend (who has to remind me everyday to do so X'D). She has a awesome fanart/fiction blog and I just love her stuff.
Plus I like to keep a eye out for new knitting patterns to snag if I can.
Jaimes Jaimes
This might sound strange, but I suck at the internet. I use email, facebook, Drudge Report, and my work sites. That's it. I just don't know how to "surf" the web. I get too bored too quickly.

However, I have recently discovered Pinterest, and it's like my personal internet navigator with pictures. Now I find all kinds of cool stuff, especially crafts. But I still don't have a blog I visit frequently. I just hop around using Pinterest.
- Kira - - Kira -
I subscribe to all the blogs I like, so I get email alerts on new posts. I also follow the people I like on Twitter and they usually tweet when they make a new post. So I don't really have to go check the websites each day to see if new posts have been made.
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
I enjoy a lot of blogs, so I don't subscribe to them because otherwise my inbox gets clogged. I generally read blogs when the bloggers I know tweet about their new post, so long as I see the tweet. Other than that, it's rare that I have enough down time to check out all the blogs I wanna.
mmmmm mmmmm
I check tech blogs everyday
Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
There's a few blogs that I read regularly but not every day.
brevado brevado
I have a few, mostly work or hobby related.
kittenfacery kittenfacery
it's called The Pervocracy - link
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
no not really
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