Best Valentine's Day gift?

Best Valentine's Day gift?

Peggi Peggi
I recently read this poll which inspired me to ask. The question is pretty simple, what is the BEST gift you've gotten on Valentine's day? It can be a card from the 2nd grade that stuck with you through to adulthood (if it was that special!) or something from a parent, even, but what is the most special gift you've ever gotten on this day?

My favorite gift was "Weird Dude" who is my stuffed alien-looking plushie that my hubby gave me our first Valentine's Day together. I'd told him about how sick I was of getting flowers that I'm allergic to, chocolate that my mom ends up with most of (since it gives me migraines) and stuffed bears which I don't even like (though, stuffed cats are always acceptable...ALWAYS!) and so he decided to get me something totally out of the ordinary. He got me a coffee cup with hearts on it at Walmart which had candy inside and a stuffed....alien thing?

Anyway, I sleep with this darn thing EVERY night when I go to bed before him (because why snuggle a small plushie when there's a cute guy next to you?) and I love this darn little thing like you wouldn't believe!

So, what is the most special or best gift YOU have gotten on Valentine's Day?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
My sophomore year in high school (1994). One of my gay guy friends gave me a Ren and Stimpy V-day card. On the back he wrote "Don't you love this happy sugary day so much it makes you sick??" I still have it in one of my scrapbook boxes because it was so out-of-the-blue and funny.

That alien's really cool - you had to marry him after he gave you that.
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