Do you travel somewhere and stand in huge crowds to watch fireworks?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Seems that is the one thing (along with sporting events) where people will gather in HUGE wall to wall crowds and wait for hours. Do you?
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Contributor: js250 js250
Oh, heck no!!! Everyone seems to congregate by our house to watch ours....I am seriously addicted to fireworks on the holidays, especially the 4th of July!!! We usually buy them wholesale and go from about 8pm to 2-5am. Our neighbors are so far away it does not bother them at all.....but you can see our display all down the valley!!!!
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
No - fireworks don't do much for me. When I was a kid - sure it was fun - but it all seems so repetitious now.
Contributor: married with children married with children
nope, I hate driving after wards. people are drunk and not watching those who are walking back to their cars. Not to mention the heavy traffic trying to leave a area.
Contributor: wetone123 wetone123
I used to, but not anymore. Some of the neighbors put on some pretty great firework displays!
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
No I don't usually watch them at all.