Happy Holidays (There is no "War" on Christmas)

Happy Holidays (There is no "War" on Christmas)

AndroAngel AndroAngel
Okay, I have to put it out there. Why do people get all bent out of shape over being wished "Happy Holidays"? I keep hearing people say "Just call it what it is, why try to be inclusive", so here's my greeting to EF this year:

"Happy Yuletide!" "Happy Solstice!" "May the Sun bring you blessings this year!"

I am not Christian, I try to be inclusive to Christians when I say "Happy Holidays." Please don't take a well meant greeting the wrong way. Just stop it with this "War" nonsense and let's all get along this holiday season no matter what holiday we celebrate. Please?
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Antipova Antipova
I'm with you 100%. If someone tells me Happy Holidays, I thank them and return the greeting. If someone tells me Merry Christmas, I thank them and return the greeting.

I don't celebrate any holiday. Happy End Of December would work just as well for me.

But if someone says something nice to me (like "have a good day," whether it's "have a good Christmas day" or "have a good anniversary of when the oil didn't run out"), I'm going to take the most charitable interpretation---that they want me to have a nice day.

If I say "Have a nice day / holiday / end of December," it means I want you to have a nice day! Not that I'm disrespecting your faith!
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