Help! Need Birthday Ideas!

Help! Need Birthday Ideas!

misskat misskat
My partner's birthday is coming up and I am in desperate need of help, gift-wise! He is one of those people that buys everything he wants for himself, which has left me clueless this time around.

He will be turning 31 and works as a programmer, so he spends a lot of time on the computer. He loves sports (watching, not playing), video games, working out at the gym, eating, etc. He is not very outdoorsy!

Any suggestions? I'm really not coming up with much. Or maybe you got someone an awesome gift and think hearing about it might help me?

I would really appreciate any input! Thank you
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Mwar Mwar
This can be a fun one:

If you're not familiar with programming, you can write him a mini program. It's not super hard and will only take a little prep. It can say "I love you!" or "Happy birthday!"

You can get a custom coffee or tea mug on etsy. It's kind of cool to have something that was made by human hands. In general, I'd check out etsy. You can get something one-of-a-kind. Sometimes the time it takes to get it can be a while because it is hand made. If that happens you can get him something small and then wait for this to come in.

Also, while geared towards slightly younger folks, check out think geek. They have programming themed gifts. link

If you are interested in writing a small program, let me know on my wall, I'll give you the links.

Hope this helps!
js250 js250
What I ended up doing for my husband a few years ago was a gift 'basket' of gift cards. One for the latte shop on his way to work, for the movie theater, the cycle shop, greek restaurant...and other ones for things he enjoyed but never thought of doing. It worked out pretty good--and we had a couple dates with them. The basket was a tool pouch for work....
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I second Etsy, also Cafepress is pretty cool. It has tshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, wall art, etc.
misskat misskat
These are really great ideas guys thanks! I do love the unique stuff found on etsy. Js250, I really like that idea too! Thank you all for taking the time to respond
rosythorn rosythorn
I would go with something personalized, I like the mug idea. Or maybe take him out for a day for an extended date!
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