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I need one gift that is not sexual for my husband. I'm doing Christmas baskets this year for everyone and he's got everything he wants in his, but I'd like to add one more gift. It can't be sexual as everyone will be opening these in front of each other. Name as many as you'd like!
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Curiouscat Curiouscat
Hmmm depends on what he likes, or how much your thinking to spend.

Maybe something like a new face shaver or cologne. A game/video game.

My boyfriend got me a stuffed doll that looked like him when we were going to be apart for awhile. He got it made at this website, i am a stuffed animal- link

They are cute and good quality, you could get him one that looks like you? Something cute and funny. All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself.

I go on ebay alot for gifts. They have alot of unique things you can buy. Last year i got my bf tribal gauged earings from there. They have some cool celtic love braceletes and rings for couples.

Dvds? Dvd boxsets. Headphones like the big skullcandy kind. Or smaller kinda gifts like cool shoe laces with different colors or things printed on them.

I love going to antique shops, you can find really interesting gifts in some of those places. Not all of those places sell old lady stuff lol.

If he likes fishing you could get cool lures. I found some once that had pin-up girls on them xP (My bf doesnt fish though)

You could make him something if your crafty.

Gig stick for his computer?

Men like food haha. Ramen noodle package, or they sell at a store near us called BJ's and they have these big tins full of different types of popcorn, regular pop corn, caramel, cheesy ect~

Funny t-shirts.

Gum! A huge packet of gum.

Six pack of energy drinks? If he likes those.

Tool kit. Or a handy knife kit. Or if he's outside in the cold alot for work or something they have heated inserts for shoes to keep his feet warm, they sell them at Dicks sporting goods, or brookstone. I'd check around brookstone they have alot of nice relaxing things.

Axe shower gel.

A heated blanket.

Or one of those german beer mugs, i believe they are called german beer steins. Thats what i'm getting my bf this christmas, he's into beef lol and i met him in germany. Just make sure if you do you find a reputable store online. They can get pricey though.

Hmmm might come back with more ideas, hope this helped though! <3
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