Holiday Messes...when do you clean it all up?

Holiday Messes...when do you clean it all up?

Bignuf Bignuf
We tend to pick up the bows, wrapping, boxes...etc. as we open things. We feel more "chill" if there is not a mess piling up as we celebrate the holidays.

Others we know just say "we will tidy up tomorrow".

Which kind of "home celebration" person are you??? Clean as you go, or worry about it later???
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Ghost Ghost
If I make a mess I clean it up immediately, regardless of holiday.
zwee75 zwee75
Right away. Drives me insane!
Nazaress Nazaress
Most of the time, we throw the paper immediately into a garbage bag.

When I have my own family Christmases (provided I want a family), we won't wrap our presents. It's such a waste and it could really save a lot of trees if everyone did this. There's no reason to wrap presents. You just tear off the paper and throw it away. It doesn't make the gift any better and your kids aren't going to like or hate a gift more if it has paper around it. If anything, we'll have boxes and reuse them every year.
Rossie Rossie
Got to have everything cleared away immediately, or else I'll go insane.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
We keep a big garbage bag to drop the wrapping in immediately. Then we burn it later. Thank goodness it's just us adults, I can't imagine the mess parents have to clean up.

When we get a place of our own, I plan to sew a bunch of fabric gift pouches so that we don't have to waste wrapping paper.
Peggi Peggi
Like AndroAngel, we just keep a gigantic bag right there in the middle of all of us (we sit in a tight circle) and then if the kids open gifts we just grab theirs and throw it away so no mess to clean up later!
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