How far would you let your lover go as a "gift"?

How far would you let your lover go as a "gift"?

Bignuf Bignuf
During our Open Speech dinner with our good friends last night, we got talking about "gifts" we would consider for our lovers (hubbies and wives, in our case), such as allowing them to try a fantasy they had never acted on or try a sexual act they had never been "allowed" or welcomed to try.

One woman in our group kind of surprised us....despite the fact we KNOW these folks VERY well and speak openly about ALL KINDS of things....but stating, "I know my husband has always been interested in brothels, since that show was on HBO. I might consider allowing him to visit one, just to get it out of his system, as a "gift", since he is going to Vegas on a business trip next year". She was actually going to get some kind of reservation made at one of the Navada "ranches" and wrap the reservation under the tree!!!!!

I KNOW I could NOT go there (sorry...ain't sharing, even with a "professional" for one night). However, she thinks the idea would NOT bother her, especially knowing they use condoms and practice ultra "safe sex" (and DON'T mouth kiss).

One other guy in our group spoke about how his first wife (not current), did give him a "Christmas gift" of a ONE TIME threesome, with a good friend of hers who was a single gal, and found her husband "sexy and handsome". Of course, all the guys in our group groaned, out of jealousy for this guys experience (only a few guys in our group have had more then one lover at a time) and HE said it was NOT all it was cracked up to be. They were VERY young, had a few drinks before hand (so got way too sleepy, way too fast) and since he had an orgasm in the first five minutes, from the mental stimulation alone, he was not worth a lot, lover wise, the rest of the evening. He gave the whole experience a 6 on the 10 scale. He said the memory was worth more then the actual event. His marriage, by the way, was in year three at that point and never made it to year five...since SHE was cheating. Go figure.

How far would YOU let YOUR lover go as a "gift" from you????? Ever thought about it????
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Eucaly Eucaly
These sorts of stories are all things I wouldn't do.
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