How is your work attendance?

How is your work attendance?

ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
I work Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. I've worked at my current job for 6 months and rarely miss work. The only time I did was when I got that nasty flu and when I tried coming in, I was quickly sent home.

I hate missing work because I know someone else has to do my job and I feel really bad. A lot of people there tend to miss a lot. They call in, come late, leave early, and here I am feeling guilty for being out because of a 102 fever. The last 3 months I have had a new direct boss. She does pretty well aside from the fact that she seems to call in sick often (1-2 times a month at least, usually on a friday) plus takes off for events, mini vacations, etc. It just seems to happen so often and she isn't the only one.

Is this normal? Am I the odd one because I've never been late or left early except when forced to?
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VeganChick (is Gone) VeganChick (is Gone)
I think the kind of behavior your boss is exhibiting is irresponsible and selfish. When you're not there, someone else has to pick up the slack, and it's hard! Speaking as someone who often has to work short, it really makes a difference when you come in as scheduled. I miss work when I absolutely can't come in, and try to keep it that way.
married with children married with children
I have only missed a few days in 10 years. If I can get out of bed, I am going to go to work.
Pumpk1nPatch Pumpk1nPatch
I'd be so frustrated if coworkers displayed that behavior. I never ever call in and I go in a half hour to an hour early. It's nearly impossible to just call in because I work with clients that other people can not take over.
SMichelle SMichelle
I take off when I'm sick, and that varies. I was sick for a lot of the fall last year; it seemed like I was off at least a few days a week for a month -- which sucked. First I had an awful stomach bug and couldn't stop vomiting for days, and then I got an awful case of strep that kept getting worse and worse until we finally found the right dose of antibiotics for me.

Then I was healthy until just last week, when I ended up taking one day off because I had caught a stomach virus.

I try not to take off unless I am extremely sick though, and usually I do go into work first and wait to be sent home.
js250 js250
I always was on time, present for every work day and would work extra hours when I was working for other people. The first 10 years I owned my retail business, I was at work 10 hours every day....except major holidays. The last 3 years, I work 5-6 hour days and do not feel bad for taking time off...I have earned it, the business is mine and will do just fine without me for a day or two and I also have no employees to upset. I am liking myself and my life much better now I have time to live it.
wicked48 wicked48
Always on time. I'm a salaried employee so I average 45 hours a week. I rarely miss for being sick. I don't feel guilty about using my vacation time. I've earned it and I'm going to use it!
sunflower sunflower
I'm unemployed. So I guess my work attendance is pretty bad.

I think that it's good how you're concerned about your coworkers and boss. Do you like your job? I think the people that I'm working with significantly impacts how much I like my job and therefore, how much I am concerned about awesome attendance.
Taylor Taylor
I'm pretty much never late for work, but if I am sick I have no business coming to work since I work with sick patients. I have a good immune system so fortunately that is not often.

I think no matter what job you have you should not go to work when you are sick. it's one thing to have one person out sick, but it's a much bigger issue when you have several people out because someone decided to try and work when they have the flu and spread it around.
purpleflower1972 purpleflower1972
Mine is good because I hate calling in. SO awkward
Sammi Sammi
I save sick days for when I have to stay home and take care of others, and I rarely take them when I'm sick myself.
MrWood MrWood
I commend you for you strong work ethic. I've been the store director for a large retail chain store for many years and have seen the work ethic of the workforce today go down hill for a long time, but the past few years have been extreme. Few people actually want to work or have a sense of pride in their work. The problem stems from the way they were raised. We now live in a society of people wanting things given to them instead of learning to work for them. I applaud people like you that take their jobs seriously. Personally, I've only missed work 3X in 31 yrs, with the exception of having to be off work for 3 months for back surgery. It's so frustrating to have to put up with that kind of behavior, but the simple truth is, that if I were to replace these type of employees, the applicant pool is not any better. With back ground checks and drug testing, that narrows the pool down even more. Being an effective and productive manager is very difficult because of this.

Again, be proud of your self! You are a rare employee and I hope your employer realizes this.
Pastafariette Pastafariette
So far, I haven't called in sick even once. The only time I was ever late for work was the first day of my first job. I had to walk and was unsure of how long it would take me to get there. I was only late by a minute or two, but I made sure to come early for the rest of the time that I worked at that job.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I'm pretty reliable and only call in sick when I have to. I have had to take snow days for safety, but I usually just end up working from home on those days
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