This is the #1 Topic!

This is the #1 Topic!

Lena Eden Lena Eden
It might just be the two of you in the bedroom, but chances are there’s an audience waiting to hear about your sexual experiences. EdenFantasys did its own survey to see how many hours we spend talking about sex with other people.

4 hours a month - that is an average figure.

I was laughing when I read it, as it seems that I’m in a minority here Sex is something we talk about the most with my female bros. Yes, we share details of last night, of the most unusual quickies and we talk about the new toys we get from Eden, the ones that make sex life so damn hot…

Do you discuss sex anywhere else except on the Eden Forum and with your SO? How open are you in talking about your bedroom affairs with others?
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sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
Eden as well as well as writing on a blog about sex toys and things of a sexual nature has really expanded not only my view on the subject, but also increased my ability to be open about things. Ever since I began writing about sex, I increased my discussions about it. It really does feel exhilarating sharing ones experiences and being able to talk freely about sex in the open with others you might've been closed off to talking about it with in the past. My parents know I review toys and lingerie items, and it's really just helped me to be more open with my mother. I suggest things to her that she might not otherwise hear about.

I've also been able to help friends of mine with their love life when they've asked what gadgets they could try to spice up things in their own bedrooms. So, I spend more than 4 hours talking about sex, as I find myself engaging in conversations about it every single day in some form.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Maybe it's a generational thing - kiss-and-tell was always considered bad form when I was growing up. I don't do it at all - ZERO - and although my wife hangs out with the girls once in a while, she says they do not talk about sex at all. Knowing the women that she hangs with, I believe her.
Cinnyree Cinnyree
I am a very sexual person. I refuse to make the subject taboo. I will discuss anything with anyone. I really want to start a sex blog of experiences and/or fantasies but I don't know what website would let me post that and with my son's birthday and Christmas coming up I don't have time to figure it out.

I a going to say I average 4 hours a week
Dominica Dominica
This survey is about me. I do share the details of my sex life with my best friends, and they do the same thing. However, I don't like the details that put my partner in an awkward position.
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