Valentine's Day Cowards

Valentine's Day Cowards

Chilipepper Chilipepper
For the past two years, around Valentine's Day, anyone I was involved with tended to make themselves scarce and cut off all communication with me. The first one was Mulder, my FWB right after I separated from my husband, when he stopped talking to me three days before V-Day and didn't speak to me until three days afterward, then pretended as if the time didn't exist. The second was with a guy I met at OKCupid whom I went on one date with about three days before, then complete silence from him for five days after (before defriending me on Facebook).

I'm 95% sure Master won't pull such bullshit (being as how V-Day isn't made out to be much in his culture), but it's already developed into a neurosis for me in which I'm half-convinced I won't hear a peep from him simply because of the GD holiday.

It's not that I expect anything, either. I never gave the impression that I expected special treatment just because of a holiday. They had gone incommunicado on their own and without warning.

Has anyone else gone through the antics of V-Day Cowards? What were your experiences? And when did you realize that they weren't long-term-material if they have to run away from a GD holiday and punish you in the process?
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Ansley Ansley
I'm that V-Day coward, or I was. I shower my husband in love on V-day (and every other day). There are many reasons why I've flaked, all of them are inconsequential to the biggest reason---I didn't care about the person enough to even remotely give a shit about their feelings on the matter and it was easier for me to disappear for a little bit than it was to deal with the moping and the whining.
T&A1987 T&A1987
only time i was wit someone on v-day was my current gf and we've always done something. I could see being a coward if you only started dating within 2 months f v-day. it's a couples activity, not two people still dating and figuring out i they even like each other activity. there are exceptions of course, such as if both people have used "love" already. otherwise though, the best idea is to just say they don't want to do anything that day.
Taylor Taylor
Yeah I've had that happen to me before. It was terribly frustrating and it was definitely representative of the rest of the relationship. He just didn't like expressing feeling of love and affection towards me and tried to skirt around it as often as he could. It took me several month to figure out that I deserved to be treated better and then moved on.

I'm not usually one to care about a specific day if I'm satasfied with the relationship overall, but sometimes valentines day can really point out that something is wrong with the relationship.
js250 js250
Yeah, my hubby forgets until the end of the day and then scrambles to make it up. I am waiting to see what happens this year. I am letting him take the initiative.....of course I already have my ideas in place, but still. He doesn't know that.
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