What companies does not pay time and a half for holiday?

What companies does not pay time and a half for holiday?

ColorSplash ColorSplash
I cant think of any in florida.
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
The diner I worked for in Montana didn't - when the owner was asking who wanted to work on Christmas (which is the BUSIEST day of the entire year at the diner), I asked "Do we get time and a half?" She responded by laughing her ass off.

The places I worked in Florida were never open on holidays. Although I did go into work Thanksgiving night at Panera, but that was considered the Friday after (10p-6a) so no time and a half there. But I did get overtime because I had to stay until 9a to finish stuff up.
P'Gell P'Gell
My husband never gets time and a half. I don't believe I ever have, either. My Man works on salary, and he gets the same pay no matter how many hours he works. Usually his place is closed on holidays.

I've worked health care and child care and never got time and a half. Years ago when I did child care, people wanted me to take their kids over night on New Year's Eve. I laughed my ass off.
Antipova Antipova
I've never gotten holiday pay. At my family business the non-family employees get holidays off, but family covers the gaps on holidays---and we don't expect extra pay! Other than that I've either had white collar jobs with holidays off, or small restaurants which were closed on holidays, or a salaried job where I was there day in day out no matter what. "Merry Christmas," you'd say to another person with the same position, "I got to park so close, for free!"
mandiegk mandiegk
I'm on salary so I never get paid time and a half. My place is technically closed on holidays, but if you aren't a secretary and it isn't Christmas Day or Thanksgiving day you are expected to come in at least for a few hours.
WierdAl WierdAl
Originally posted by ColorSplash
I cant think of any in florida.
Mohegan Sun Casino pays double time and a half on holidays, If you are off on a holiday and you were called into work you got tripple time in a half. This was how it worked when I left 9 yrs ago.
lexical lexical
The sex toy store I work at in Philly doesn't pay time and a half for ANYTHING...they go out of their way not to let anyone go into overtime pay either.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I work on salary with paid holidays, sick time, vacation time, and personal days, so I make the same thing whether I work 15 hours OT (my average per week) or take a week off.
married with children married with children
we get over time on all the holidays. That is when we work them.
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
My mom works for the school system so she doesn't really get any pay during the holidays. One of her paychecks for Christmas vacation was literally two bucks. TWO. BUCKS. And she said she got the largest vacation paycheck aside from her boss. Summers are the same way. There's been Christmases where all we ate was school food my mom sneaked out before the start of vacation (otherwise, it would have just been dumped). We literally could not afford to MOTHERFUCKING MCDONALDS.

Dad only gets base pay for his job at Trugreen during Christmas and vacations.

I only have work study so no pay for me during holidays or if I miss a day, either. I'm looking for a spare time job or writing gigs to get extra money.
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