What did you get? What did you give?

What did you get? What did you give?

P'Gell P'Gell
At the risk of sounding mercenary, I am curious what people got and what they gave for the Holidays.

I'm not just talking sex toys. The presents you gave that were perfect for your family and friends are good to mention, and the things you got that you really love would be fun to talk about.

OK, my arm is twisted (by myself, it's really difficult to do) I'll start.

I gave: (really only the best, I spent WAY too much)

To My Man: Keith Richards autobiography. If that doesn't get him reading..... I also got him a really cool T Shirt from thinkgeek.com that has a little amplifier attached to it and a guitar on it, but it only plays power chords and he wasn't all that impressed with it. He wanted to return it at first (he used to be a lead guitar player in bands and likes to play lead) but after messing with it he decided to keep it. Also, I got him a great video from Eden award winning sex scenes, Part 3 It is GREAT! If you like really varied sex, with little or no plot, this is the video for you. (Yes, I'll write a review on it.) I gave it to him Christmas Eve and he has had it on virtually every evening and every morning since. (Not today, because he had to go back to work.) We have been amazed at how much great sex is on this DVD. I also got him a JimmyJane candle, Bourbon, but only have given him one massage so far. We've been busy with that video, it has well over four hours of sex on it. *sigh* I also got him the second season of The Andy Griffith Show. He loves it.

My little one got a lot of science toys, which she loves. My middle one got a lot of stuff, but especially the next season of The Tudors I got her the first two last Christmas and we only started watching them recently. My oldest one wanted gift cards and some kitchen appliances, and linens since she and her partner are setting up a home.

I got my brother and his wife a JimmyJane Afterglow massage candle Sampler. They seemed to like it. We got his boys toys, and his recently turned teenage daughter a whole set of make up and a large Caboodle to store it in. She immediately put all her other things aside, opened the makeup (everything was in it, from blush to lip glosses to eye shadow to everything she would need) and started organizing it in her Caboodle.

I got other friends other things, but it would take the whole thread to list them.

My Man got me a Kobo. It's a bookreader from Borders, and I didn't expect it. It is so cool. It has about 100 preloaded books on it, but most of them are Public Domain Classics, most of which I have already read. He didn't understand (not being a reader himself) why I needed to go to Borders and order some new books. *sigh* It is a cool gift. I got some jewelry (as per usual, not expensive stuff, but a nice pair of cubic zirconium earrings and a matching snow flake pendant necklace. I got a few other things from him, including chocolate covered dried cranberries. MMM. He didn't get me any sex toys, but I think he is overwhelmed at the quantity of stuff I have been getting lately, so he just skipped it. Plus, he doesn't pay attention to things like my Wish List, and still tends to buy jelly toys, so it's really better off.

My kids got me earrings and B&BWs stuff. They don't have a lot of money to spend, but it's cute.

My dad and his wife got us some Harry and David pears, which is funny, because we got them a Harry and David tower. I also got a gift card from a bookstore (he knows I love to read, but it wasn't from Borders and I don't know if the other book shops' Ebooks are compatible with my Kobo. I hope they are.) And of course a small check. And some old comic books, he still thinks I'm 10.

My mom got me a set of Egyptian cotton sheets and a nice sweater, which she bought in a small (has she seen my boobs? I don't wear a small) and I LOVE the sweater, but I can't button it. I was going to exchange it for a medium, but it was bought on clearance, so I'll have to wear it unbuttoned. It is a beautiful sweater.

My BFF spent WAY too much on us this year (her husband just died a few weeks ago) and she got me a case of unscented white tea lights, which I have needed. Plus, a book about the Beatles and a picture frame etc. She got my kids piles of stuff.

My brother gave me the first two seasons from The Big Bang Theory and we are very excited about watching it. I LOVE Sheldon, he reminds me of my Little One. He got My Man a really cool wine opener, that he was admiring that last time we were at his house. I have to say, my brother pays attention to what people are saying and usually buys perfect gifts for people. He got my little one some cool science games and a funny stuffed animal, and some candy.

Anyway, we made out like bandits this year. But, I really love giving more than receiving. Like my brother, I tend to pay attention to what people like and get them the gift they really want. (I missed with the guitar t shirt, but who knows with that man?)

So, what were your favorite presents you gave and or received?
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Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I was very well spoiled, but my favorite gifts were an antique cameo from my man, and the complete series of Six Feet Under from my mom.

My favorite gift I gave was the complete Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DVD set I got for my man. Not only was he thrilled, but I want to see it too!
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Well I was flat broke this year with 4 bills to pay off (student loans and storage unit) but I saved money that should have gone to things like gas and repairs to get little somethings for my wonderful family.

My brother got a cologne/deodorant set. (Hehehe because we always get him stuff to make him smell better... Yes, he stinks. )

My father got a super soft, black beanie to wear when he goes on runs. And since he runs a lot (he believes in never running anything less than 5 miles in one session), he needs to keep his head warm. It was special for being super soft and had no weird designs on it and being small enough for him to wear (me and him have small heads hehe).

My mom got more in number but it cost about the same as what I spent on my other family members. She got chocolate-scented lotion, a pretty nail polish, and bath fizzy balls.

I got lectured on spending important money on presents rather than getting gas for my car or the door fixed. Because I have never been more broke than I am now from this break-up. I wish I had had more money to buy more presents for my lovely family.

But I got some slippers, a winter jacket, some candy, and a couple of really cute shirts. This definitely was the poorest Christmas me and my family have had but I never felt so much love for it as I do this year - when I needed it the most.
Not here Not here
We're poor this year so we made home-made peppermint bark and chocolate covered pretzels for everyone and that was it.

Both of us mostly got money- a total of about $400, plus another $60 in various gift cards. Sadly, most of the money is already spent, but it was on stuff we really needed.

My parents got me an electric frying pan and a makeup case that I'd been eying, plus a stocking filled with toiletry items I use, candy, and a check. I was happy with that

My parents got my man a stocking with some toiletry items, candy and a check as well. They treat him like family when it comes to stuff like that

Got a few random things like an electric kettle, starbucks via coffee, gloves, a shirt and a victoria's secret lotion and perfume kit. All in all, we made out pretty damn good!
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
Hubby got me the fairy mini vibe and a scarf.
All I got him was a Godsmack CD. (He said he would rather see the money in the bank account and there really wasn't anything that he wanted or needed!)
My Parents bought me a lot of new clothes, a new bathroom decor set,a couple of CDs and a few other random things.
My brother and his fiance got me a James Avery necklace and the hubby got a 6 mos subscription to NetFlix. We got them several things for their new house together.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Tori Rebel
I was very well spoiled, but my favorite gifts were an antique cameo from my man, and the complete series of Six Feet Under from my mom.

My favorite gift I gave was the complete Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DVD set I got for my man. Not only ...
OOOOO, WANT! Great stuff.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Darling Jen
Well I was flat broke this year with 4 bills to pay off (student loans and storage unit) but I saved money that should have gone to things like gas and repairs to get little somethings for my wonderful family.

My brother got a ...
Oh, Jen. I'm sorry you got lectured. Gifts are NOT something people should expect, and never something people should criticize! People should be happy with what they get, I've had Christmases where one or all of my kids couldn't get me anything at all on their own. I KNOW the older ones have bills and school loans to worry about, gas to buy and the older one has rent and insurance etc. And, the little one has no money.

The economy SUCKS! I'm sorry people don't understand that. People should accept gifts with Grace.
Dusk Dusk
We were at my brother's place, so I haven't given/received presents from my parents yet. But I gave my brother some peppermint bark and my sister some nice socks. They gave me a notebook, a beading kit, and some money towards graduate school flights.

We're poor again this year
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