What Do I Get Him for Father's Day?

What Do I Get Him for Father's Day?

P'Gell P'Gell
AUGHGHGHGH! It's getting late. I have NO idea what to get him. (It's also one of our daughter's birthdays, but I just ordered a bunch of yummy B&BW stuff for her, that and some baking stuff and she's good to go.)

OK, what he doesn't like, won't wear or won't use;

~A Jerk Off Sleeve. I bought him one. He never uses it. Says, "I have you...or my hand." *sigh*

~He refuses to wear; watches, jewelry of any kind or hair products.

~He also doesn't wear cologne after shave or even shaving cream. He uses bath soap.... or shampoo if he happens to grab it.

~He has an entire building filled with tools some of them nearly 100 years old, some new. I've bought him tools. He usually already has it. The calipers and the nail gun I bought him for other gifts are still in their packages.

~He has, like 7 or 8 ties. A few of them were his father's. He thinks that's enough. Formal occasion? He has his pick of his Jerry Garcia tie or the silk tie with guitars on it. He doesn't want an other one.

What do you get for a simple guy who has virtually everything he needs? I'd love to get him a lap top, but I don't have the bucks for that. Aside from that (which he probably wouldn't even use, except to check his bank statement and download porn) I have NO idea what to get him.

I spent an hour on some craft sites, looking at "can't miss Father's Day Presents you can make!" Either they were misses, or I couldn't make them. I'm not really crafty, unless it's really easy.

Anybody have any ideas?
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js250 js250
If he likes to download porn, get him a monthly subscription to a download site that he likes. My hubby likes videobox--he can grab only the clips he likes not the whole movie.

I made an xxx movie of me, got him a lux cock ring, a pair of the silk lounge pants on here, some silk boxers and am putting them in an ice bucket with a small bottle of Crown Royal, a nice rocks glass and some of his favorite chocolates.

Just ideas, hopefully something either works out or triggers an idea for you.
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