Would you consider giving your lover a gift of YOU for the holidays???

Would you consider giving your lover a gift of YOU for the holidays???

Bignuf Bignuf
Topic of discussion of our "open" dinner group last night..Holiday Gifts. We always have a big holiday party and gift exchange. We are NOT going to do that this year. At the holiday party (we ARE doing that part) we are all bringing at least FIVE cans of food, and one bag or can of PET FOOD to give to the food bank and pet shelter for pets of people in financial trouble. We think it is a lot better then exchanging gifts we don't need (hint, hint to everyone out in EF land).

Anyway, at our dinner, we discussed holiday gifts and the option of the NO COST gift of "self" to our lovers. Would you ever think of "giving" your lover permission to try a sex act with you that previously you just would not allow or want to try? Would you consider allowing them to carry out a Fantasy they might not have every really done otherwise??? What if you could set "limits" like..."any fantasy...so long as it ONLY includes me" or whatever? Would that make it "doable"???

Just wondering what all of YOU think?
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Peggi Peggi
I think that if we did have limits or there were things he wanted that I typically didn't, that would be a great gift. I think many couples would enjoy this, but for us it wouldn't be all that "special" because we already indulge in all of our fantasies and try anything that the other wants. In the past, though, I have done this!
Taylor Taylor
I sort of did this for my boyfriend's birthday last week. he said he didn't want any presents and that I wasn't allowed to spend money on him. I still wanted to give him a present though. So I found a really big box and covered it in wrapping paper and got inside right before he came over. I tied a bow around my neck and wore some panties that I found at victoria's secret that said "unwrap me". So I was his present for the evening. He thought it was a fun and cute idea.

I guess I didn't really give him an unfufilled fantasy though. Usually I don't say no to most of his fantasies unless it's something that is going to cause a bad emotional reaction for me. So for me to do one of those fantasies probably wouldn't be enjoyable for him because he doesn't want me to do something I am uncomfortable with.
Coralbell Coralbell
This doesn't really work for us. For my bf's birthday I asked if there was anything he wanted sexually, but he said I already do everything he could want.

I've never said no to anything he wanted to try. I'm the more adventurous one, so he doesn't have any fantasies that I would have a problem with fulfilling. I get dressed up in lingerie for him all the time, which he loves. So there's nothing I can really do that's extra special for him. It's kind of annoying, but it's also nice to know that he's so happy with how things are everyday.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Doing it kind of like that this year ... Master wants photos of me with a ballgag. Even though my shallow gag reflex makes me dry heave whenever it's in my mouth, I'm making him the photos. There will just have to be a lot of 'break time' while shooting.
js250 js250
Rather than keeping it sexual, I was thinking more on the lines of, one day of favorites (his). Favorite meals, desert, me, positions, acts, fantasies, tv shows, sports show, etc. One day that is HIS. Definite possibilities.
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