Honeymoon ideas?

Honeymoon ideas?

Emt Emt
We're starting to plan our honeymoon and throwing around ideas.

We were thinking heavily about taking a cruise, possibly staying overnight a few nights somewhere and then hopping back on the boat and cruising back over a few days.

What we'd love is something 1) Without little kids running around 2) With other couples on board who are honeymooning as well 3) In SAFE areas (no pirates, terrorism, kidnapping, etc) 4) stops at nude beaches or sexually based activities (Not sure on what's actually out there, but where up for anything at this point!!).

Any ideas would be appreciated!!


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Grizli Grizli
Hi Emt! It's quite a strange question for this forum but I would try to share some thoughts as I happened to cruse recently. To cut the chase, all cruises suck! It is very adventure-sterile, no fun, over 50 crowd place that you don’t have to remember as being your happiest honeymoon days, unless, you do not plan to do the honeymoons once in a while…LOL.

I recently visited a place in Mexico, named Huatulco, Oaxaca (Bahias de Huatulco, to be exact). This is about 500 miles south from Mexico City, on the pacific coast. Virgin beaches (no one is around), clearest waters, a lot of ocean species (turtles, dolphins). I LOVED IT SO MUCH! So romantic, peaceful and tranquil! The downside: there is no people out there, no infrastructure. The hotels are scarce, very expensive and very very good. They are basically small private properties on the empty beaches. We stayed at Camila Royale Zaachila. Awsome, at about $500 a day. So, if it is within your means – go! And let me know if you did ?

All the best with you marriage!
whatsername whatsername
The "Over 50" crowd thing depends heavily on which line you use.

Carnival tends to go for the younger crowd. And it depends on what destination you choose as well. Caribbean and Mexican cruises also tend to attract a younger crowd.

Also, if you want something all inclusive and relaxing, a cruise is a great option, especially if you get yourself a nice room with a deck (what we had).

If you're looking for something more adventurous, there are "bare foot" cruises that go in the Caribbean, small boat, gets to go places the big ones don't, less touristy more "authentic". My dad and his wife did one of these and just loved it. In that vein, I would bet you there are "nude cruises" along the same lines, a bit of googling and I found a couple. I haven't done ones like that though, so I don't know a ton about them. You'd probably have more success with nude beaches if you did a European or Mediterranean cruise.
Leah Leah
We went on a Carnival Cruise and it was awesome (you'll want to pack up those little porters in your luggage and take one home - they take excellent care of you and your room). We did the cruise for a few days and then hit Disney, and trust me, Disney isn't just about kids. But a cruise for a honeymoon? ABSOLUTELY!
Emt Emt
Sounds like I should really check out the options that are out there! Thanks for the replies!

TexasBrat TexasBrat
My first husband & I went to the Ceasar Palace at the Poconos. This place is sooooo for couples (all inclusive, to a point), great pools, rec rooms, and beautiful suites. Plus, there's tons of things to go and see there. Best wishes for your new wedding!!!
West Coastin' West Coastin'
I knew a couple that rented a Florida Key - apparently different people own small islands around the world and rent them out. In their case it was in Florida, they were driven out by boat to a small island with a cabin. All the amenities were provided - if they needed anything they just called and it was brought out. They literally spent a week nude by themselves on this island. Sounded awesome.
BeeLeaveMe BeeLeaveMe
For my honeymoon my husband and I really wanted to go to Ireland because we love beer. We couldn't afford it because we were paying for our wedding. Instead we took a cruise to Costa Rica. We're now planning our first anniversary to Ireland. Just remember that if you can't go on your dream vacation for your honeymoon it won't be the last voyage of you life. You can always go later.
Nashville Nashville
How about a hedonism resort? link

You could always fly there or a cruise liner. If you're looking for adult play they are the ULTIMATE destination for it.
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
I'm a cruise fanatic. All of the ones I've been on are straight through, you don't stay at a site, you stay on the boat. I recommend going on one at least 7 nights, that seems to be the magic number when the kids really start dropping off.
Try checking on theknot.com or the nest.com. They have awesome travel boards and probably could give you a lot of help.
BeeLeaveMe BeeLeaveMe
The knot.com is invaluable when you are getting married. I was on it as much as eden. The tools they have are amazing. The to-do list saved my wedding. The honeymoon section would be a really great place to start. You can't go wrong with cruising. It's a floating buffet!
AndromedaJane AndromedaJane
Originally posted by Emt
We're starting to plan our honeymoon and throwing around ideas.We were thinking heavily about taking a cruise, possibly staying overnight a few nights somewhere and then hopping back on the boat and cruising back over a few days.What we'd ...
A cruise sounds awesome.
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