Anyone ever watch The Jetsons?

Anyone ever watch The Jetsons?

onehotmomma onehotmomma
I used to watch them when I was litte. I was up this morning, and looking on Demand and found some episodes. I guess when you are little you don't think about things like you do when you are an adult, but I could not believe what I was watching.

First of all, Elroy is leaving for school and as he's getting ready to go, Jane pokes her head around the corner and says "Be nice to the Russian kids!"

Then when Jane was driving George to work, she asks him, Did I drive okay?(she drove horribly) and he takes off his blindfold, and says "Yes!" and something along the lines of "wearing a blindfold when your wife is driving is the only way to go" That was just a few of the things I got out of a half hour episode.

Were all old cartoons like this, and I just never realized because I was too little?
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Jobthingy Jobthingy
HA! I sometimes watch old cartoons and think HOLY CRAP! I am going to have to find me some Jetsons. It has been a LONG time since I watched them
leatherlover leatherlover
I used to watch the Jetsons, but I can't remember anything except for the opening.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Sure. And cartoons reflected more of the social environment than any news cast ever could. Comedy at the expense of way-of-life cliches (like Jane pushing all the automatic buttons for the house cleaning robots to do their job and her sinking into a chair in exhaustion ... yeah) has always been part of the adult humor of cartoons in decades past.

Watch 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' if you REALLY want an education in social mores and politics of the 60's.

The unfortunate side effect of such analysis in later years is that it's all deemed 'politically incorrect' and yanked out of circulation ... like the loss of the Warner Bros. cartoons due to Chicken Littles thinking all the stupid stunts will be copied by kids, or the character of Speedy Gonzalez existing, or Bugs Bunny crossdressing ... Forgetting that they were not traumatized for life when they watched those when they were kids. My generation survived, and we're still pretty decent individuals, not any more messed up than the previous generation.
bobowaxer bobowaxer
The Jetsons were awesome, partly because PC hadn't been "discovered" yet. Also, see Top Cat and Fractured Fairy Tales...equally entertaining for children and adults.
Ajax Ajax
I find music I used to enjoy as a kid to be the same way. Too young to understand then, but now it's like oh wow lol.
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