Book recomendation for this situation?

Book recomendation for this situation?

kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
Not sure what to get..however this is the situation. My boyfriend loves me but I wish he would be more of the type to "take me" push me into a corner ravish me no there a book to help beter voice what I want and in a way train him without saying I'm training u to get what I want?
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Originally posted by kinky girlfriend
Not sure what to get..however this is the situation. My boyfriend loves me but I wish he would be more of the type to "take me" push me into a corner ravish me no there a book to help beter voice what I want and in a way train ...
What happens when you explain with words that you want that? Some men just aren't into it. If he's a submissive kind of guy, he might not have it in him.

I asked one guy to be like that and the most he could do was put his hands on top of mine while we were doggy style. Not even close to what I wanted. But that's as dominant as he could be.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I agree - some guys just aren't into that. Been married 32 years now and my hubby really has a hard time being dominant - not that he's a sub either - but he's just a really sweet kind guy who doesn't like to do stuff like that and its hard for him to connect with anger or something to be that way.

That's fine though - I don't want to make him something he's not and our sex is great anyway.
Coralbell Coralbell
I think it would be better to just talk to him about what you want and what he feels comfortable with.

I wanted my boyfriend to be more dominant, so we had a discussion and figured out some things that we both would be comfortable trying. He isn't naturally dominant, so we agreed to take turns at being in charge, so we can both get what we want and help make each other happy. If I would have given him a book to read he probably would have just ignored it.
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
Since you were seeking a book recommendation, allow me to suggest a few. While most of the erotica books are geared toward women and written by women, it may be difficult for a man to take an interest. But what I have found is that these stories stimulate the man’s imagery that speaks to him; what you as a woman wants and desires from him without shame. There are several, in no particular order, which you could consider. First, there is “Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z” which can push the envelop of what desires and/or limits a woman what’s her man to go. Then there is another book called “Tasting Her” that helps provide a roadmap to the lust and desires of a woman. And finally, the book titled, “Sweetlife” which is a series of short stories of erotic fantasies for couples that may trigger his imagination as well. There are others, but I think this is a good start. Good luck.
Gracie Gracie
I would recomend Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch. Even though it has marriage in the title the principles apply in any committed relationship. There is a chapter called "fucking, doing, and being done." it is a long read, and very challenging, but well worth it.
Antipova Antipova
I'd say, find a book (or even just start small with one story) that you like that plays up that element (maybe one of the ones PassionateLover explained), and read the story to him. Let that start a conversation, say "I really liked this about the story, wouldn't it be fun if we tried that?"

I don't know if I'll be very useful for suggestions, my tastes are a little off the beaten path, and none of these specifically feature taking control and ravishing. Nevertheless, a few of my very favorite stories with a man in control are Vertigo in Hard Hats (it's an MM story, so if you're not into that the book's probably not worth it for you, but the dynamic is incredibly hot), Unfinished Business in G is for Games, which is a story of role playing spanking, and is so well-written that it's among my favorite erotica stories of all time. The third one I'm thinking of... it might actually be in G is for Games again, but if it's not it's in Playing With Fire, in which a girl is running away from her partner who doesn't respect her. I don't remember its title, though.

Anyway, try one of those out for inspiration, but the conversation is going to be where you'll really get your point across.
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