Child Actors into Adult Actors

Child Actors into Adult Actors

TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
What child actors that have grown up to be successful adult actors do you enjoy? Do you have any actors that you've seen their entire filmography from child to adult?

I recently started watching the old comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun and remembered that Joseph Gordon Levitt was in it. I think it is funny that someone who is so popular now (and regarded as a sex symbol) has been around for so long. He's been around in television and movies since he was a little kid. He's been working his entire life in the industry. He's probably my favorite actor who has made this leap from child to adult actor seamlessly.

Also? I totally crush on Neil Patrick Harris so he gets a mention from me here too.
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I was looking forward to watching River Phoenix become a fully adult actor, but that unfortunate overdosing business ruined it.

I think Sean Astin has done pretty well, considering he's second generation of child-to-adult actor (his mother is Patty Duke).
switzerland switzerland
Joseph Gordon Levitt has done pretty well, i used to love 3rd Rock from the Sun. i think he's more of a recognizable face for most, not necessarily based on his acting.

Drew Barrymore in the first that pops into my head.
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