Do you find 3-D to be overrated?

Do you find 3-D to be overrated?

Nazaress Nazaress
It was neat to see the first time. I watched Bloody Valentine in 3-D. It looked like the pickaxe was coming right at me. But after that, it kind of lost its charm. And I certainly would never waste money on a 3-D TV. The technology will likely be quickly phased out, anyway, in place of something better or people will just stop caring.

I think it's stupid that I have to pay extra to see a movie in 3-D. It can't be because of the glasses because you have (or are supposed to) recycle them in their little bins. My boyfriend doesn't like the glasses because he already HAS glasses and they're a bit of a pain to go over them. He looks silly with them on but then again, so does anyone wearing them.

So do you think 3-D is overrated? Do you love it? Would you watch every movie in 3-D if you could?
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BobbiJay BobbiJay
It is very over-rated in my opinion. I liked it in a couple movies and i really want to see Star wars in 3-D but not everything.
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
I enjoy it on occasion, but I think it's being way overused.
ap-the-aper ap-the-aper
It's gimmicky, but it's certainly come a long way since the blue and red glasses! I think it *is* pretty ridiculous that they make you pay so much for 3D at the theater and then expect you to return the glasses. I'd say that they should do it on a deposit system--if you return your glasses, you get part of the ticket price back. Something like that. Especially in the age of 70 inch 3D televisions, the theater isn't giving me much incentive to go out when I could stay in.
Kayla Kayla
I like it in theaters, but it's really only an occasional thing. I wouldn't like it to be at my home.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
It has come a long way but i still an overrated gimmick in my view.
Jul!a Jul!a
I think it's neat, but not something I routinely go out of my way to view.
P'Gell P'Gell
I really don't like it. I am always afraid I'm going to get a horrible migraine, and I often do. My husband likes 3D movies, so we sometimes disagree about seeing them. I've seen about 5 of them, and I'm about done. I don't see the advantage.

I would never get a 3D television. People sitting around in your living room with those stupid glasses on, what if you don't have enough? What about when you get up to go to the bathroom and forget you have them on and trip over the dog and break your foot?

UG, I hate 3D.
hspence hspence
not really a fan of it, i think it's more annoying than anything. and the glasses are so not cute either lol
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