Do you think music has changed our society's views of sex/sexuality - or simply reflected the changes?

Do you think music has changed our society's views of sex/sexuality - or simply reflected the changes?

Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I hope I can make sense with this - I decided to avoid doing it as a poll since there would probably be way too many options.

When I was growing up - I remember a Country Western Song that went, "When we get behind closed doors, and she lets her hair hang down, and she makes me feel like I'm a man. Oh no one knows what goes on behind closed doors."

As I was growing up (and I'm sure y'all can tell it was years ago) - this song really influenced what I thought marriage/sex would be like. It was between two people - really special and sorta a "secret" between them.

The other song that hits me right off (I don't listen to much music - sorry) was by the Captain and Tenille a few years later - called "Do That To Me One More Time" - and the words go like this:

Do that to me one more time
Once is never enough with a man like you
Do that to me one more time
I can never get enough of a man like you
Whoa-oh-oh, kiss me like you just did
Oh, baby, do that to me once again

Suddenly (in my young mind) - sex had gone from being something that was very secret and special to two people - to something that you sang about how great it was.

Sorta reminds me of how when rabbits breed - the buck will fall over and make a grunting sound quite often. Mind you - they don't do that all the time-just sometimes.

I'm sure that now our lyrics are way more "out there" and much more vivid of what couples do.

So my question basically is - do you think music has changed because our view of sex and sexuality has changed (from being "behind closed doors" to being more open) - or do you think society's view of sex has changed because of the music that has developed over the years.

Also - if you have songs that influenced your view of sex - either in a good way or bad way - feel free to share them here!
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Peggi Peggi
On the whole, I feel that music reflects what is "in" or popular at the time, rather than influencing us. It wouldn't sell unless it was one of two things: popular, or outrageous! Popular music, based on society's current ideas and thoughts, will of course sell because it's what the people want. Music that is totally off-the-wall, will sell but it also has to have a taste of what is popular. Maybe to a kid, something that is popular to the rest of the adult society changes their views, and perhaps in turn can influence those views, but it had to start somewhere! It speaks what we are all thinking about even when we don't want to admit that. Right now, if you listen to any genre of music, off-the-wall aside, it's about either sex, money, revenge on an ex, how hurt we are, how in love we are, or drugs.
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