Electronic music/artists share your favorites.

Electronic music/artists share your favorites.

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Okay so I wanted to start this so users on EF can share/discuss their interests in electronic music and artists. I am a HUGE fan of many genre's of electronic music, there is just so much talent and variation involved. Even with no vocals this music generally takes me on a journey and it is incredibly powerful. Lately my favorite has been mostly instrumental sometimes accompanied with some lyrics. Usually something that is a good 7-10 minutes long and is powerful. I also recently purchased a $60 headset along with an HD audio card for my pc, and everything sounds amazing. Movies, music and all of it, things you will never hear on a tv I hear on these.

Okay so I will start out with posting a few artists and songs I have really enjoyed lately. Ones that have really touched me inside and have found there way into my favorites collection. I want everyone to keep an open mind and also share with everyone what music lately, or in the past has touched you. There are many variations of electronic music so please don't assume rave music, techno and trance will be the only genre's shared here.

You can expect Ambient, Psy, Psy-chill, Trance, Techno, Club, House, Tech-House, Funky House, Deep House, Beach House, Minimal, Drum-n-Bass, Chillout, Dubstep, Remixes, Mash-ups, Lounge, Downtempo, Progressive, Atmospheric, Relaxing, Soothing and so so so much more. Please respect copyright laws, don't link to direct downloads as that is illegal, please try to share direct to the artist on youtube or something.

Here's my most recent inspirational artists/music.

Carbon Based Lifeforms (more of their ambient/chillout stuff) for example--
M (For Mountains)
Held Together By Gravity

Reuben Halsey:
At the end we find peace
The Harshest Place on Earth
Remix by Reuben Halsey of Hoppipolla

Finally one more I will include is a direct link to the website of DJ River. I've followed him through the years and have enjoyed his music mixes. DJ River

Please keep this thread alive as I would love to hear your musical interests and learn of other fantastic artists out there.
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Lacey Fennec Lacey Fennec
Originally posted by Cookie Monster Mike
Okay so I wanted to start this so users on EF can share/discuss their interests in electronic music and artists. I am a HUGE fan of many genre's of electronic music, there is just so much talent and variation involved. Even with no vocals this ...
Hiya! I'm an passionate fan of all EDM genres, it's nice to see people on here who enjoy the same! I'm a personal fan of Drum and bass, old school jungle/hardcore/darkco re/happy hardcore, hardstyle, trance, hardtrance, hard house, fidget house, anything that goes boom boom boom under the sun hehe, chill out, ambient/atmospheric/li quid stuff.

Mustard Pimp Gold (fidget house)

Dj Rap Intellegent Woman (ragga-jungle)

Soul Promenade (nookie remix) (older d'n'b/jungle such a good age...)

Audiofreq Tear you down (hardstyle)

In Complete Darkness (breakbeat hardcore )

EZ Rollers Believe (atmospheric jungle/dnb)

Bleh I have so many others but I don't want to cluster the page... yet. xD PLUR
Lacey Fennec Lacey Fennec
More stuff

Blame This Piano Track (Breakbeat hardcore)

Mind Cables Entropya (older trance)

2 Bad Mice Hold It Down (2 of the godfathers of breakbeat hardcore)

Space Invader also Power of Love (Happy Hardcore! )

Dj SS Black (95 drum and bass)

Raving I'm Raving (Shut up and dance, I couldn't help but posting this even though they got in deep trouble for the vocal sample. But man... this seriously inspired sooo many people... I have major respect for Shut up and Dance)

Billion Dollar Gravy (London Elektricity)

Shellshock (Noisia though I'm not really a fan of UKF)

You're not Alone (trip hop breakbeat)

No Matter What (Mistabishi)
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Hehe good to see someone else interested in various styles of music. I will have to check some of these out at some point. Next few days are going to be a bit crazy with company staying the weekend and reviews to write. Meh! lol
Lacey Fennec Lacey Fennec
Yeah they are on here for whenever you have free time, good luck on this weekend! xD
Gary A. Gary A.
Give me some Shpongle and Astral Projection for some real trippy shit
Llewey Llewey
My favorite Electronica artist of all time is Renard Queenston without a doubt. I've been religiously following his music around for a few years now. He does EVERYTHING electronic, so there's probably something for everyone in his work.
(From now on, I'll be linking to my favorite LP of the artist)

Some other favorites:

Blush Response (darkwave, hardcore, Industrial, EDM)

Casey LaLonde (IDM, downtempo, experimental, unique)

Big Giant Circles (hyperactive chiptune, VGM, fakebit)

Starscream (chiptune, post-rock, atmospheric, progressive)

Pogo (IDM, house, hip-hop, remix)

George & Jonathan (hard to describe, sort of like VGM but very funky)

Danny B (Indie, VGM, chiptune, rock)

ROXORFOXOR (Indie, hard to describe otherwise)

Starship Amazing (chiptune, Indie, upbeat)

Anamanaguchi (hyper, happy, NES, chiptune, rock)

Other more well-known electronic artists I like: Pendulum, The Naked and Famous, Justice, Daft Punk, and Owl City. I also am infatuated with old video game soundtracks like the Mega Man OSTs for the NES, and the original Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Genesis. I'm a chiptune geek.
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